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After testing the all-over style Procedually adapting workflow. I pick a theme that i like most, the nature. Spring is what i want to paint. it's worm and pleasing which is the golden time in a year. And we may find best love in this season.  So i choose yellow and magenta to dominate the canvas and use some cold color to make contrast.Finally, fill with gold to make it looks batter.


how is this one
too noisy may be?

Interesting idea @agentwd. Computer is really good at doing artwork under the concept of neutrality and pure.
Many modern art works characteristic these aspects, and modernism was born just before computer was born. Is that possible that we were imitating computer and trying to understand them all the time?  :-\

But whatever, thanks you guys like it!  :D

But it is not perfect when fitting to my car. I've tried a lot and I am still trying to find out a way to make it looks better.  :P

Playing with parameters to make some example. Pretty fun actaully!

In substance designer, I structure the graph with input, distribute and blend three section. Cooperate with directional wrap node, the gradient node can be used to bend the stroke and various noise maps can be used to make ink texture.Tile Sampler is used to control the distribution. It can sample at most six input and have a bunch of control to develop many awesome variants within one node. Blur or Blur HQ and histogram scan are used to thicken the stroke which can make band area thick if it comes from the same source from the bend node. These are some outputs half way.

Hi! Thanks the cool contest!
I'm a student from Shanghai Tongji University, and I am glad to attend the Art Car Texturing Contest. Here I'm going to share with you some of my working progress on this work. By the way, be free to make any comment.
I am happy make refine the work base on your suggestions :)

I love all-over painting on the first glance. Floating drops and strokes distribute across the canvas with great proportion, density and directionality really fascinated me. Also, the style of all-over painting characteristics the noise strokes beautifully assembled which is parallel to the theme: The Art Of Noise. So I'd like to decorate the X-TAON with all-over painting style.

On posting works on some website, there came many feedbacks.
I revamped a lot.
It becomes better now!


I created the other parts based on the id map from photos.
All colors have their own masks.
Most importantly, I can refine the id map whenever I want in photoshop, and send back to Substance Painter to keep working procedually and nondestructivly.
In this way, every color or every part of any color can has its unique height, roughness and metalness.

I set a few goals before texturing in Substance Painter. First was to separate each color to adjust each channel from each color separately. There were several approaches to this, which could be divided into two parts.
-Layers with masks ( hand painted or map generated )
-Node-based generated

Node-based result can be interfered directly and immediately while it is quite costly which is good for vastly used environment or patterns. So I applied it to lines at the bottom of the custom.
I didn't bother using SD. Instead, I created the whole node in SP, which is the same principle. Not so powerful, but enough to do this job.

Inside Marvelous Designer, I separated the whole cloth into three materials which are cuffs, sleeves and patterned customs. After that, I generated a wind to pose a satisfactory posture and laid out the uv. All textures came from the projection of pictures.This is just the preview.

The resolution of the picture is far from what I expected.So I need to find other approaches.

Hi allegorithmic community!

Honor to take part in the contest. I am a student studying animation in Shanghai.

It must be interesting if David can travel through to China and being an emperor.

MD&SP is a standard working process of my pipeline. I am happy to share my creating process. Hope you like it.
:D :D :D

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