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I work in Architecture & visualisation (or Archviz as some prefer), and with all things architecture everything starts and ends with Autodesk Revit.

I'll jump straight to the point; what is the best practice to get Revit models into Substance?
With the end result being all geo, assets, UVs and materials imported into UE4.

Is 3DS Max still the way to go with cleaning up, UV-ing and probably re-modelling the majority of the Revit model? 
Revit always gives you bad geo; long thin tris, huge poly counts, non-existent mesh flow etc.

It's quite a conundrum as trying to convince my superiors (who have no interest in cutting edge VFX / gaming software) to RE-model a model, that to them is already finished is quite difficult.
Quite sure expounding the benefits of hard surface modelling and quad only geo to my architect superiors will fall on deaf ears.

I know and have read a lot of interviews of many top architecture firms who are using Substance (and then UE4 or Unity) in their workflows and they always mention re-modelling/re-topo-ing in what I assume is 3DS Max.

  Any help would be great as there are many architects that would benefit hugely from Substance.

     Thanks in advance,

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