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Hi again, just a follow up question regarding purchase.
Is it possible to pay the 12 months subscription upfront (and ideally auto-cancel) so I don't forget to cancel at the end of 12 months and continue to go on subscription?

Kind Regards,
Michael Hiatt

Hi guys I have a few questions regarding the student license -> upgrade subscription (after graduation offer) -> eventual indie perpetual license path.

My end goal here is to wind up without a subscription and actually owning some software I can use whenever I feel like it (e.g. not maya/photoshop). I would like to test my assumptions here.

I currently have a student license which is due to expire in about 1 month.

If I:
  • take up the 'After graduation offer' by clicking on 'Upgrade Licenses' for $9.95 per month for 12 months totalling  $119.40 which puts me on a subscription for that 12 months where I can use all of the available software and substance source, including 30 asset downloads per month (360 assets total - do I need to download 30 per month or can these accumulate? Say 20 on first month, 40 on the second month).
  • then after 12 months, cancel the subscription and pay out the $49.00

At this point do I now own 'perpetual' licenses (no following subscription fees/use whenever I want)?
What exactly do I own perpetual licenses for? How current is the software at this time (is it current as of the latest release on the last day of the subscription being cancelled)?
  • Painter?
  • Designer?
  • Substance B2M?
  • Various plugins?
  • Automation toolkit?
  • Substance Source assets? - Can I use any remaining credits after I have cancelled subscription and gone perpetual? Can I use downloaded/purchased with credits assets? Can I re-download the assets (in the event my computer crashes)
  • Yet to be released software (software that is released during the next 12 months while on subscription)? E.g. project Alchemist?

I am currently evaluating between allegorithmic, Pilgway and Quixel and trying to make an informed decision, I appreciate your time in answering my (many) questions.

Kind Regards,
Michael Hiatt

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