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diffuse/basecolor are the same; normal to normal map; spec colour (should be white unless a metal) , roughness to spec roughness, metallic to IOR(may need a gamma correction)- if you have substance designer, use the arnold PBR conversion, attached some images that might help.

(BTW arnold 5 is different to this so you may need to experiment)

i have an PBR conversion for use with arnold but I am getting the following message when trying to save out as an .sbar

was working up till yesterday but I have obviously clicked something to F it up! any suggestions?

have tried resetting everything to default already.


Load substance (asset) into C4d plugin as normal with substance manager.

Create a arnold shader, create a substance node, drag asset into substance node menu.

Select which map you want the substance node to show and connect to the relevant part in the standard shader.
(duplicate the substance node for each connection)

(While the diffuse, normal maps etc are obvious connections, someone with better arnold knowledge will have to explain where to connect metallic maps etc in the arnold standard shader!)

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