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My license is going to expire in 2 days but I'm still in school till the end of 2018, I have my student ID to provide which is posted till the end of 2018... I've contacted substance but have received no reply

Hi Jared,

This option is probably the most important part to know.
If you want to export your sbs you have to set all graphs in relative to parent x1.

Don't hesitate to use the parent size widget to change your resolution instead of changing it in the graph attribute.

Here is documentation about this option
The documentation dates a little but it is still relevant

Hope this will help :)

so when I import it into substance, this is what I get, but they should be all combined into one and editable in the parameters if Im not mistaken

Celine, thanks for replying so quickly, I tired that but in my main editor window the parent setting is locked and I can't change that.   

Helllooooooo Im trying to export my material from Designer after following a tutorial from Pluralsight but, they didnt explain in the tutorial how to export my thing... When I do export it I get an error saying --- Warning: found graph with non relative to parent x 1 output size parame --- and when I load it into substance painter my three graphs are separate and I clearly want them all to be connected in one. But I have no idea how to fix or solve this issue...

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