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I'm pretty sure that you guys are aware of this. I'm posting this as a request to fix this in a near future version because it is incredibly annoying!

Yes, I can use a levels to fix it, but not in the case where I am using a Tile Random node with random color values like in my screenshot. Using a levels to fix it, in this case, just makes it black and white, which I don't want. I want the color variance.

I followed the guide on displacement with Iray at but I still can't get Iray to displace. I've tried this one two different computers and still can't get it to work.

My material settings in openGL are:

physically_metallic_roughness --> tesselation
Tesselation Factor: 4
Scale: 0.3 (Also tried using larger values with no effect in Iray)

Tried using a Plane hi-res, rounded cube, cylinder and sphere with no results.

My Iray scene setup:

Subdivision Method: Length
Values: 0.1 (also tried larger values with no effect)

Not sure if this matters but my current Iray rendering settings are:

Min Samples: 1
Max Samples: 50
Max Time: 20

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