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So I am working on a dual setup with a  huion 220 gt monitor. I have to always unplug it to load substance painter or else it crashes. It just has a blank white screen.


I dont know if I worded it correctly but I want to know is it possible to bring a packed texture into substance and plug seperate channels R G B A into roughness metallic ao etc without having to load in seperate full srgb textures? I would like to know if this would save up on memory since working in sp becomes very slow..


I have a frustrating issue today that happened randomly today after hours of work doing some skin. The save file both before and after is ruined and i lost all my projection painting. I even tried reloading textures. Areas that should have projection painting appear black.

This is from saving in the latest SP. I had to backtrack to an earlier version save to recover my projections.

Edit: I cant open the save file anymore, just says its unable to load and the windows stay grey

log in attachment.


I cant seem to figure this out but I want to know is it possible to make a cavity mask with detail normals you do in substance painter itself. I am experimenting with XYZ texturing SP instead of using zbrush and generate a cavity from here to work with.

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Technical Support - AO_Artifacts?
 on: September 10, 2016, 11:50:28 am 
Hello ^^  :)

My previous post was how to use high and low baking, but I managed to figure it out.

I have always had this weird issue with baking ambient occlusion. There is always this white gaps in the AO when in reality I want them to full up black.

What settings do I need to use for the AO?

Hello :)

I am able to achieve nice normal maps in Unity + Substance Painter without having to change anything. I simply export my fbx with normals and render them via OpenGL. This allows me to have clean results.

I am trying to reproduce similar results in designer but I am getting weird flipped normals. I do not know if it is a renderer issue but its not what I want. I posted some screenshots explaining the problem.

I want my bake to look correct in substance and be able to get the same result in unity :)

Kind regards


Hello Everyone,

I was having trouble at work for our characters. I was trying to bake some clean normal maps from substance to be used in unity. I first did it in substance designer, then moved to painter, but it looked really ugly in painter. So I rebaked them in painter itself and they looked much better. I even used the Unity 5 preset in painter and both openGL or directX normals.

However using it in unity the normal maps have ugly triangle artefacts which are clearly visible, making the low poly very obvious :(

Any ideas how to correctly solve this? The model is quite low poly since it is for our NPCs

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