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I see in the blog that Alchemist is currently only for subscribers. I can understand that this may be the case whilst it is in Beta, but I'd like to know if this is going to be the case when it's out of Beta. Please tell me it will be available under stand alone license like the other software at a later date... :'(

I've got access to the beta and I'm loving it! Very easy to use interface as with all the Substance products and the results are great. I've been able to create materials with scans made on just a regular printer scanner with really good results! I'm so impressed:)

There are a couple of minor things I would like to know though:

• Is there a way to save work in progress so I can come back to it later to finish it, just like you can in most programs. I can't see any Save As option anywhere? It's a pain to have to always try finish work in one sitting as it's not always possible to do that.
• Could we have some kind of numerical reference or input for the rotations on things like the tiling bounding box, so that you can see/choose the precise angle?

I've only recently purchased Substance Designer and am just finding my way round it. I'm still very green! I'd like to import a texture I made outside of SD into SD to use in a substance I'm building, but I can't find out how to do it (searched the web etc.). Can anyone help please? Also, if it is possible are there any file type restrictions (.png/jpeg grayscale etc?).


Hi, I'm trying to change the normal colour space as shown in the documentation here:

I'm using a SP normal map but need OpenGL. However when I click on 'colour space' nothing happens. I've tried right-clicking, left-clicking, maximizing the viewport, shrinking the viewport...still get the same result. I took a screenshot of when I click on colour space - no drop down options appear like shown in the documentation.

I have just updated to 2017.02 and now I am finding that SP will not retain textures in the layers. This has never happened with previous versions. When I first opened a project I had saved under a previous version many of the textures seemed to have been removed from the layers (red cross in it's place). I thought maybe because it's a new version I have to reimport/reload the textures. So I did this and saved textures for current session like I always have done.

However when selecting a surface in the TextureSetList a texture would disappear again from the layers and there would be a whole load of code appearing in the log as follows:

[EngineBitmapLoad] Failed to decode bitmap.
resource://shelf/[name of texture resource here]

So I tried reimporting the textures but saving for the current project, then applying them again to layers and then re-saving the project. But the same problem is still happening  - textures being removed from the layers and the same errors in the log.

Please can someone advise what the problem might be and solution - this is making working in SP impossible :(  I have never had any problems with SP in previous versions.

AFter updating to the latest version 2017.01 the SSS shader with alpha blending no longer works - I had it on a project I have been working on (a skin effect) . I want to be able to recreate the effect in this latest version, as it's important for the project.

 Can anyone tell me how to get this to work or if there are any workarounds please?

I thought I read some time ago that there was some compatability issues with SP and some versions of Nvidia graphics card drivers, but I can find where I read that. Are there any Nvidia driver versions that SP has problems working with? Or should any be pretty ok? I have GTX 660 which has worked fine for me and I want to update the GPU driver, but would like to make sure there'll be no problems.


Hi, is there a way to set padding in B2M, like you can do in SP? For example if I have a diffuse map on a character and then want to generate a normal map I'm seeing height generated where the seam is. I'm not sure if padding on the exported map would fix this, but it's worth asking and knowing about generally. Thanks:)

I can load a character in obj. int B2M, but I would also like to be able to apply different textures to different parts of the body. For example if the character is split into say Face, Torso, Arms material regions   these are all correctly displayed in the drop down under 'Materials' in the 3D view pane. So  I want to apply a different diffuse texture maps to each material region - is that possible? Currently I can only see how to add one texture map which will be put on the whole figure.

In a previous update from it says
[Scripting] Set custom resolution and padding per texture at export

Could someone advise me know please how to do this? Do I need to modify a script and if so where do I find it and can I see easily where to change the value? I'd like to be able to set the padding distance myself when exporting. It would be great if there was an input field for this in the export window.


In the update from June it says
[Scripting] Set custom resolution and padding per texture at export

Could someone advise me know please how to do this? Do I need to modify a script and if so where do I find it and can I see easily where to change the value? I'd like to be able to set the padding distance myself when exporting. It would be great if there was an input field for this in the export window.


Hi, When opening SP I click to download the update offered but each time the download fails. My browser opens and I can click to save the download but then it fails. Could someone provide the link to the update so I can try outside of SP? Or do I just use the general SP download link in my account? I don't want to overwrite any saved items in my Shelf.

EDIT - was just a dodgy internet connection. I managed to fully download it after a number of tries and all seems to be well:)

Something I've run across as difficult to do is to draw curves in SP. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm rubbish at drawing curves freehand so any tips would be appreciated!

Hi, I have sent a bug report by email, but after thought I should post here too in case anyone has already come across this and can give advice.

I have noticed and been able to reproduce an unwanted effect when painting on a mask.

Here's an example (.jpeg attached) There are two layers:
Bottom fill layer (Green)
Top fill layer (Dark Red)  with black mask

When I paint on the mask to reveal the top layer (dark red) , near to the edge of the mask brush stroke area you can see pixelated areas of the colour of the dark red texture coming through onto on the green layer  - so there is no clean dilineation between the masked and unmasked textures.

As I said, I've been able to reproduce this and the attached .jpeg example was using default SP materials. I've also seen it with custom materials.

- The texture was exported in this example as .png but I've also seen it on .psd file converted to .jpeg. Textures were exported at 2K.

- I also checked the mask brush settings - pure white, hardness 1, no jitter (and I've tried gaussian and disc brushes) 

- Using trial version 2.0.4

- The problem does not show up in SP viewport but shows clearly in Daz Studio, which has an Iray renderer. I have seen faint traces of it looking in Solo mode in SP and in photoshop, it's barely visible though. So even if I was to paint over these areas new problem areas would appear because it's always near the edge of the brush stroke. It probably wouldn't be noticeable if rendering the object at a distance, but is no good for close up work.

It's very annoying. Is there a solution? Might be a deal breaker to buying SP.

I notice that the channels in the TextureSet Settings have different colourspaces(?) e.g Base colour  = SRGB8, Mettalicity = L8.
I've not come across some of these before (L8. L16F etc.). Could someone give me an idea of when these should be changed please? I want to export .jpeg textures for use in Daz Studio so was wondering if I need to change any of these. Is there any documentation on this anywhere, I couldn't find any.

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