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I notice when i hold control or shift over a layer a + sign appears next to my cursor and i was hoping maybe i could adjust all opacities at the same time. I can't get that to work but i wonder if i am doing something wrong.

2 quick suggestions:

Make adjusting opacity just a matter of clicking and dragging left to right without bringing up the slider.

#2 Make enabling pen pressure on/off a click-toggle instead of a drop down menu.

I mean im getting carpel tunnel syndrome just from *RE-SETTING* the two pen pressures over and over and over and over and over and over to where i want it when just while working with some black grime drips layers, one painted and one particles, a layer with multi colored rust, painted.

And I only wanted to use one pressure setting in the first place.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - SP 2.0 sale?
 on: March 03, 2017, 07:59:39 pm 
edit: change of plans.

Does anyone know when Substance Painter 2 will go on sale next?

I get an all white interface after loading up B2M 3.1. Any idea what this could be or how to fix it? I have Win 10 (regrettably), with its new update, close to the latest Nvidia drivers and the Steam version.

When using the x key to alternate between white and black painting while on a paint effect applied to a mask, or the mask itself with the paint effect deleted, the brush does not change in value to black or white, just stays the same. However the little height box in the material preview window above the brush settings alternates white/black while pressing x.

The brush bug that Wes got in one of the latest tuts, i get all the time too in 2.0

Hey, i know the issue with SP filling in large sections with black is a known issue, but since that thread is locked, is there any way to know when that might be fixed? I am using 2.0 with the latest patch.

I had another layer right under this one with the same issue that i just deleted and its happened quite a bit on this model, although it hasn't been a major issue until the detail stage im on. I keep trying to add detail for awhile zoomed in and miss noticing that the black fill in issue happened to other parts of the model.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - Selective dirt?
 on: June 05, 2016, 06:08:31 am 
I watched this tutorial by "Chamfer Zone" on youtube (great tut btw) and he used a "selective dirt" mask to add to edge wear from the metal edge wear mask. It was a great effect and i highly recommend watching it if you haven't seen it or aren't sure what im talking about, but i can't seem to find it in 2.0. Is it renamed?

I am having a problem where i am on a paint effect layer, but the value slider for the brush tool is missing (it only display option for choosing resource) and so are the channel selection buttons. Also, i can brush and select X to reverse the brush value, but the alpha in the display doesn't update to white, it stays black. So with all these problems happening at once, it makes me wonder if im in a special mode but doesn't realize. I made sure i wasn't in quick mask mode and it does say i am in brush mode.

I clicked on a material, which loaded it into the material slot, then all the options were available and the brush acted normally, but i dont think the channel buttons reappeared (i don't know, i just closed the program before confirming that, opps).

I'd like to keep pen pressure enabled for flow, but not size, can i change this somewhere permanently? It's getting to be a big pain to change it all the time.

Hey all, i've got this problem using SP 2.0 ( the trial). Happens infrequently, but regularly.

I have this single fill layer with a mask on it with the dark color you see in the albedo there within the dial display background with a normal blend mode just to show whats happening. I created a black mask directly on the fill layer, then applied an MG Dirt generator, those are default settings. However the mask looks quite different when i "alt+right click the mask thumbnail as you can see. I cant seem to get it to display correctly. Is this normal or a known issue or? Im using the sp2 trial.

I've got this happening with the normal map .tga file i've brought in from Xnormal. Any idea what that could be?

This happened in Unity a long time ago too, where it was solved by changing the import compression level to "true color". Does Substance apply some compression sometimes when its 4096?

Substance Painter followed by Unity.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Showcase - Sword
 on: June 18, 2015, 07:03:51 am 
I textured this in photoshop because i was trying to make a specific texture pattern using textures and had no idea how to do it in SP, but after i was done, i did all the wear, damage and scratches using SP in something like 15 minutes, it was very easy and i was very happy with the results. Using the alphas and brushing the damage in, it looked like i was sculpting with Zbrush.

I just applied some scratches via the height channel to a model. I wanted to only export the new height information as a normal map on its own so i could easily modify it later. However, when i dismissed the existing normal map, which i did because it exports with it if i don't, Painter spent the next 7 - 10 minutes processing something. This was a 2500 vert sword model, using 4096 maps, only 2 layers, one fill just with color and one for height info. This got me wondering:

1.) Why so long for such a small effort? Does it reprocess all the brush strokes?

2.) Does the normal map being applied effect the result of the height map formation into the final normal map? With only 1 smoothing group, when the normal map was dismissed, the models surface looked quite different than with it applied, but does the code care about that? Could i test it somehow?

Like the standard system of measurement here in America, i am so confused at to why programs like Photoshop and many others don't take advantage of the ability of our thumbs to act independently from the rest of our hands. Perhaps it is because I am a long time gamer who has leaned to use the Alt key for crouching and other important, frequently used functions -which i can use WHILE ALSO using forward/back/right/left keys. So when Photoshop locks out the ability to use Alt to modify the keys under my left hand, doubling the quantity of keys i can press without looking down or fumbling with keys, I find it frustrating and confusing that they would do that.

So i really hope Painter and Designer, as they get more complex over time (im assuming assuming) center around using the Alt and also the SPACE keys to TRIPLE the amount of easily accessible keys. Please don't do the Ctr+Alt+P bull that some other programs do.

Can you believe Photoshop uses Alt+backspace to fill a layer with a color, for Artists and Texture artists who use their program? They could just use Alt+W for foreground and Alt+E for background. Needless wasted time and it adds up and that is just one example...

In the future, im sure we will have keyboards that have multiple buttons for the thumb, as it could press not only many other keys, downward, it can press left, right, even up and back. If those were modification keys like Alt, Ctrl and shift, you could theoretically never have to look down. I already try to buy zippy keyboard for the extra button next to Alt they often add. It helps in very complex games like Arma.


For my current project i am using Painter just to sculpt in some damage detail, which is a lovely feature and one i hope to use often. However when i go to select the output channels, i don't have the option to select just the height map like some videos i've seen. Must i now export 5 other channels along with the one i want? What if im just experimenting with one particular channel while mainly working with another and i don't want to overwrite the file im just experimenting on?  Then i need to go take the time to create a preset just for that save? I hope im missing something.

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