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Hello everyone,

I've been trying to learn Substance Designer for 2 months. during the production some materials I realized that because of some UI interactions I feel tiredness. It tires eyes, hands. That is finding proper rational values while you were in trial and error processes. ( Mostly I found myself in trial and error mode and that actually grate in this software)

The main problem is slider min and max values.
For example Slope Blur Node.

Its Intensity slider doesn't let me easily try some values especially below 2 values or 0-1 range.
I think every slider has to have a min-max range selection. For my workflow Slope Blur Intensity value mostly below 2 for example.  It would be grate to have a slider that let me easily try 0-1 range values because generally I found my self like digging with a needle.

What is your experience about that I would want to know.

If my English isn't understandable sorry for that :/ if so I can prepare some images to express the problem and solution idea.

Thank you. 

hello everyone,

I've been trying to make some BW shapes by using mostly slope blur and sharpen nodes.

My question is;
assume that you work as 4K and made a BW scratchy, dirty noisy image and you like its all very small details. If you zoom out about %10 you can see details as much as possible on the 2D view and thats okay as well. But when you exported it by shrinking output size (512px or 1024px) those details are gone.

How can I export 4K image without loosing very small details as much as possible like zoomed out 2d view? I tried to make whole workflow for a single smaller dimensions but it takes tons of time. So I decided to ask this maybe there is a way to achieve this automaticaly.

Thank you.

(I'm new Substance Designer user)

Hello everyone,

I tried to make damaged corners much more thick but "Edge Damages" node doesn't allow to extend it. I think I need a kind of curvature node but I could not achieve to make it.

Is there any suggestion?

Thank you.


(I'm a newbie so please ignore my overdose explanations...)
I want to make a scene that will contains about 20-30 concrete blocks. Those blocks will have some damage decals on them as you can see attached images (ignore metal parts in them please). I will make this with C4D and Redshift.

1) modeling all block decals does not seem right to me is it correct?
2) Lets say I have a cube mesh with high polygons. Without any modeling can I give it a look like as attached with just a good textures?
3) What tools should I use?
4) How should I proceed? could you give me a workflow?

I've been trying to solve this problem for 5 days nearly. I could not achieve. Especially displacement mapping is not what should it be like as attached.

thank you

hi everyone,
Is it possible to duplicate a node by dragging it in a way? (Substance Designer)

thank you.

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