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Just thought I'd link my X-Taon entry, Artstation link here:

We all begin our journey as artists in the same place- our imaginations. As a tribute to those of us still on the journey, I have created this. It is the ultimate version of the humble box cars I pieced together as a child. Please enjoy.
Details- The vehicle is made to look as though it was pieced together from old Allegorithmic, Nvidia, Wacom, Car Design News and Sketchfab product packaging. There are even a couple of not-so-subtle nods to some of my work in there for people outside ArtStation to enjoy. All materials were created using standard Substance Painter materials with the exception of the cardboard material which was found on Substance Source and the wonderful crumbled paper material uploaded to Substance Share by Bruno Po 0:

Wondering if anybody can help as this is quite an annoying problem. I love the iRay renderer but there seems to be an inconsistency with the normals between the painting viewport and iRay. I'm using openGL normals but it almost looks like they're flipped to DirectX when in iRay mode. Is there a setting.workaround to avoid this or do I have to re-bake with the Y flipped?

Check out the images to see what I mean. Look under the ejection port for the best example but the whole model has weird areas like this.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - Iray quality help
 on: November 17, 2016, 04:02:56 pm 
Just wondering if anybody has any advice on using the Iray rendering in Painter 2.

I look at the Allegorithmic videos online and it seems to render really quickly (seconds or minutes at most) and at really high quality. My renders however are really noisy and take a looooong time to get even half decent quality.

Also, I just got a new GTX1070 and I'm running an i7 4930k- so should I be rendering only on one or on both? I assumed I should turn off CPU rendering because the 1070 is so powerful but it doesn't even seem to work. Also, I upgraded to the 1070 from a 770ti lately and assumed it would make rendering much, much faster but I'm not seeing the difference.

Any advice here would be appreciated as I'm a little perplexed by the crappy performance.

Quick question to y'all... how do painter and designer work with windows 10? I know there were some issues early on but are they sorted now? Do they run as well as they did with windows 7?

Currently running designer 5.3.4 and painter 1.7.2 but also hoping to upgrade to painter 2 soon.

I need help on this one ASAP. I've been working on a painter project for over a week now and there was a power outage at my work. Its giving me the error "cannot load this project with this software version: Cannot decode data"

Has anybody figured out how to recover from this yet? This is a big deal to lose this much work and I need help...

Hi all,

This is my first post here. I'm just wondering if anybody has any advice on properly setting up the multi material blend node. The problem is that my materials don't look the same after being blended together using this node. I know about the padding and fuzziness sliders in the channels but I haven't been able to find any decent guide on exactly how to use these. I've basically been using trial and error to get a decent result.

Now don't get me wrong, I can definitely get my materials to look almost 100% as I expect them to but theres always that one or two where the colour or roughness or something is just a little off.

Any help would do- especially if anyone has any "default" settings they like to use for the padding etc.

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