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So obviously I don't mean publishing someone else's artwork as your own on sites like artstation.

But let's say you did an online course where you were provided with a mesh to texture
And let's say you are an aspiring artist who doesn't have that many stuff to show anyway but who needs to prove he/she has the skills

Would you post an artwork like that in your portfolio?

Hi everyone! So I want to make a realistic looking tree bark texture. I used a 3D scan by Sebastian Zapata as an example.

I am quite happy with how my texture ended up looking except it is wider x-wise (horizontal-wise) than the reference.
(One of the attached images)
I tried messing with the original shapes that create the pattern but it only breaks things.
I tried using 2D transformation node but it breaks tiling any way I use it (tried different preferences) (the second attached image)

So what's your take on this? Am I missing something? Please, help

Hey guys! Can't find the answer to this one, maybe I have missed something.
So it's my X-TAON texturing contest entry.

Half of my texturing is missing once I render it out in Iray.
I thought the problem lies with shading but changing preferences do not help
It is also weird that I instanced some of the missing parts. Can it be the problem?

I followed the provided tutorial on making the default parts like windows and baking textures for this contest

So, in the end, it all looks fine and dandy in the tutorial but I am missing most part of my work

Please, help  🙏🏻

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