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Is it possible to render displacement (height map) with Iray in Painter? I was able to figure it out in Designer, but don't see similar settings in Painter.

When I add a Transmissive channel to a texture set in Painter nothing changes in the rendering. Is this feature available in Iray?

I'm a total noob so I may be understanding this totally wrong, but when I make a new layer and paint in the normal channel, I expect it to cover the layer below it. But for some reason in my project file, when I paint in the normal channel of the above layer it, doesn't lay over:

Painting in the area circled has no effect. When I turn off 'Layer 1' this is what it looks like:

I have the 'nrm' channel activated and the 'Normal' value is set to a uniform color:

Is there a way to increase the resolution of a render in 3D View?

I tried changing the resolution of the camera (Camera > Edit Selected) but it has no effect on the render resolution.

When I try to save a render with Iray (Camera > Save Render) with post effects like glare, the alpha only includes the object.

Is there a way to include glare as well?

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