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Hey everyone! for people who don't know me, I'm Vincent, tech artist & community manager at Allegorithmic/Adobe.

Before to jump into explanations, this thread is meant to follow this one (that I am going to lock to pursue the conversation here):,27494.0.html

Part 1 will remain public: it is a great testimony/snapshot of the passion and complexity of our community, that we can use internally to support/push some ideas.

So why I'm doing this?

By making this new announcement, we knew that the reactions would be strong and passionate, and honestly, we are not surprised (even if of course it's tough to read, especially, when it comes from a community you have been taking care for years, but I'll come to this later on). So yes it was heartbreaking but expected.

One of the consequences, is that part 1 of this thread has become so noisy, that it's unreadable: most of the posts are legit concerns, expressed in good or bad manners, then we have insults, then we have some conspiracy theories, then we have people trying to tell people to calm down, etc...

But now that the shock of the announcement is behind us, I think we can pursue the discussion in a more constructive/efficient manner, with the same arguments/skepticism/feeling, but without the conspiracy theories, insults, and obvious trolling. this is not representative of the community I have been talking to the last 4 years.

You can read the 50+ pages of part 1, but I'll try to extract/summarize some of the main concerns/reactions that have been expressed:

  • "We are scared to lose perpetual licenses because Adobe does not use perpetual licenses"
  • "You betrayed us by going with Adobe"
  • "You guys took the wrong decision"
  • "Adobe just buy to destroy a competitor. They destroy everything thay touch"
  • "Now I'll pay 4 times more to get access to your product"
  • "you guys are naive if you think you will be able to change Adobe/impose your ideas/preserve you identity"
  • "You guys are using "for now", on many topics, so we are doomed,"
  • "You guys, sold your soul to the evil just for $$$"
  • "You guys will drop Linux support"
  • "You guys had a great support, and it will become shitty"
  • "You guys will lose all the innovation your demonstrated in the past"
  • "Substance Painter and/or Substance Designer will disappear"
  • "You will not listen to us anymore"
  • "What about the free licenses for students and teachers?"

If I forget an important topic: just ping me and I'll add it to the list.

Now we are going to answer this questions/concerns when possible. But please, accept that we don't have all the answers, as many things need to be defined. And don't speculate like crazy: it's useless, and most of the scennarii have been made on part 1.

You can remain skepticals, it's totally fair, and it will our goal to reassure you on many topics, but for  many of them it will be with facts and not with words.

On a personal point of view, please remind that you guys are talking to (the same) people: regardless of what you think, tell it the proper way. We have always remained really close to our community (and this will be the case in the future), at a distance where you can be hugged, but also be slapped in the face: at this distance, anything that we do or tell is affecting people. So let's remain close and talk the way we are used to.

Step into a car designer’s shoes and show us your texturing skills in this contest by using Substance Painter to create your very own version of the X-TAON show car. You’re in the driving seat now!

The contest runs until Tuesday, December 18.

The contest blog post:

New to Substance Painter? Or want to brush up your skills? We prepared a tutorial right here:

Mostly bug fixes:

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