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Hello, I'm relatively new to Substance Designer. In general I like the workflow, but I'm not really a fan of "function graphs". I'm trying to understand the inner working of complex nodes like Tile Random. Looking at the graphs seems to be quite tedious as there is no defined structure, no variable names, no encapsulation of calculations, trivial calculations take half the screen and finding things you saw before is unnecessarily time consuming (again, due to the overall lack of variable names and structure).

Graphs make a lot of sense for operations on images (as you want to see the intermediate results), but I don't see their value when writing functions which operate on scalars or vectors.

Is there any way of obtaining the "script-like" form of a graph function? if not, are there any plans to make writing and reading function graphs less tedious (like Unreal does by offering a script alternative to Blueprints)?


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