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I am still, after almost a year of using SP licenced, getting a hard crash with the error log 'Timeout when fetching localhost license info.'. This will happen at random times using SP. Why is this happening, and how can it be fixed? Surely it can't be hard crashing my entire system because it can't work out if it's a licenced product or not?

Updated to the most recent patch, opened previous file, all textures and materials are now corrupted:

Log attached.

EDIT: Using the Resources Updater plugin has had no effect. Only error message is '[GenericMaterial] Shader API has been updated. Textures may briefly flash white in the viewport. Updating the shader via the shader settings window or resource updater plugin could resolve the issue.'

Hi, I'm working with Blender and exporting to Substance Painter. My exported .fbx file is correctly calculated with normals facing outwards:

but when opened in substance painter it appears inverted:
It shows correctly when rendered using Iray too, it's only inverted on the 3D view screen. What's going on here?

Hi, after purchasing an Indie licence I'm getting the following error:

Any advice?

EDIT: Resolved by clearing browser cache and re-downloading.

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