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Had a blast cranking this one out for the contest! I have done a slew of DIY Custom Vinyls over the years (including my own Sketchbot platform), and have always done a variant of my Sketchbot skin on whatever platform I was invited to participate in. Thanks for hosting such a cool and fun contest guys!



Steve Talkowski
Design. Create. Animate.

Hello! I will start off this forum with the obvious question: Where exactly do the maps generated from Substance Painter go in Marmoset Toolbag to achieve the exact same look?

I get that "Color" = "Albedo", but would like a no-brainer cheat sheet and/or plugin that will load these for me.

Wes, what's the best approach for this?



Just digging in and getting a tad confused.  In order for Substance Painter to do it's thing, you need to have at least a normal map associated with your mesh, correct?  After watching some of the tutorials on youTube, I seem to recall that you can use Designer to bake out the normal map.  I can't, however, figure out how to import that mesh into Designer.  Is this possible?



Hey Wes!

I am digging my way into all things Substance.  Been playing around a bit with Designer and Painter, then learned how to create the Substance node in Hypershade.  Of course, the first thing I wanted to do was render in Mental Ray, but that didn't work.  My Google-fu revealed that I need to install Substance Bonus Tools, however, the documentation is a bit out-dated.

After downloaded, i get a folder named OSX which contains five folders and one file:


Can you tell this OS X user exactly where to place these items?



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