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Hi all,

This is my entry "City Lights", I hope you don't find overly pedantic the Magritte reference "This is not a..." because I believe that he would flip out after seeing of what this software is capable of with procedural approaches. The big brush strokes are just procedural masks with some others on top with different tonal values and colors, and all the little lights are a few tile generators with different randomization settings, then brushing the mask to reveal warm or cool lights where I wanted them.

Doing this approach made me think about the great potential that Painter has to be also a concept art and digital painting software. I could have achieved a similar brushwork with Photoshop and stamp the final artwork through stencils, triplanar, etc. With Painter on this specific work just tweaking the generators I could change almost everything at any time, windows sizes and shapes in XY, intensity, random offset in XY, random luminosity, position and so on, same thing with the big brush strokes. Once you have that "initial recipe" to generate whatever you intend to there is a beautiful general Random button that takes all your inputs and gives you endless iterations and happy accidents, this is also awesome for thumbnails before the concept. We humans are really bad at randomizing and repetitive tasks could kill the momentum, probably leading to some procrastination. Procedural approaches makes all this a pleasure and an infinite source of unexpected outputs.

I must say that this is my second work in Painter and I may be having a Stendhal software syndrome or something.


I would really like to have an option to adjust the pan speed as shown in the image attached, or at least a behaviour like 3DS Max where you can pan as long as you want without releasing middle mouse button or being limited by the end of the screen.


This problem didn't appear before updating to 2018.3 (see attached image). The artifacts behaves like a filter over the screen, it doesn't change the "noise" pattern when I pan.

I'm using a GTX 1060 6gb, updated the drivers to 416.94 and nothing changed. Deactivating "Metal" in Properties eliminates the problem, also having 0 Metallic (Dielectric) eliminates the problem. I also updated the shader pbr-metal-rough (Outdated) to pbr-metal-rough and nothing.

Anyone having the same issue with this update?

EDIT: I'm back to 2018.2.3 and the problem does not appear, I will update when the issue is solved.


Hello substancial people! My first post here in this wonderful community.

The texture in the red circles is a projection, the green circle is a mask that I did on purpose for this example.

What I want to do is to control how much height, diffuse or whatever channels I want to use for the projection. I can low the general Height opacity if I target that channel as you see in the image, but I wonder if there is a way to paint and erase with individual opacity for channels in Projection Mode. Example: (image attached) In projection mode, painting in the green area with Height (20% Opacity) and Diffuse (60% Opacity), then painting in the red areas with Height (100% opacity) and Diffuse (80% Opacity).

Thanks in advance.

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