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Hi! Thanks the cool contest!
I'm a student from Shanghai Tongji University, and I am glad to attend the Art Car Texturing Contest. Here I'm going to share with you some of my working progress on this work. By the way, be free to make any comment.
I am happy make refine the work base on your suggestions :)

I love all-over painting on the first glance. Floating drops and strokes distribute across the canvas with great proportion, density and directionality really fascinated me. Also, the style of all-over painting characteristics the noise strokes beautifully assembled which is parallel to the theme: The Art Of Noise. So I'd like to decorate the X-TAON with all-over painting style.

Hi allegorithmic community!

Honor to take part in the contest. I am a student studying animation in Shanghai.

It must be interesting if David can travel through to China and being an emperor.

MD&SP is a standard working process of my pipeline. I am happy to share my creating process. Hope you like it.
:D :D :D

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