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After watching the Live stream Beta at 40.20 I saw the export is pretty much basic, why not add more elaborate ones like Painter.
Otherwise, we need to use the combination of tools with Designer.
Every SDK game engine has his own way to export channel.

I need some help for visualizing and exporting materials from Designer,
I need to build material and export with a particular set of channels for a game I am working on.
On painter is more simple to setup custom export but not in Designer.
I need to export 3 file
1 is the diffuse = RGB Channels for Base Color () + Alpha for Opacity
2 is the metallic= Red channel for Metallic - Green channel for AO - Blue channel need to be black + Alpha for Smoothness
3 is the Normal= Red channel need to be black - Green channel for Green  - Blue channel for Blue + Alpha for Red channel.

Now when the channel needs to be blank what setting should I set in the usage field? then I need to send red channel on alpha how I can do that?
Another question I add an alpha channel as a test on opacity for the diffuse map that need an alpha and use the Channels Shuffle to mix but it doesn't seems to work.
Generally speaking  I can't see the render in 3d view of the combination of all this element, what I doing wrong, can I do it?
For Diffuse

For Metallic

For Normal

Thank you

SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - The PBR Guide anyone?
 on: January 08, 2019, 01:41:42 pm 
Anyone want to sell their copy of The PBR Guide: A Handbook for Physically Based Rendering.
On amazon, is not available anymore, I don't see any reprinting information.

Hi noob problem,
I have downloaded the Asphalt Fine Cracked material from source website and manage to create more crisp crack as the image below.
I somewhat I lost the setting in the file and got a lighter crack as it is in the original file, don't remember how I archive.
Is there anyone who know I to retrieve this crisp crack below mostly for Normal.

The only parameter is crack and relief Variation but nothing that change my first attempt.

This is default Asphalt Fine Cracked base

Thank you

Hi, sorry my noob question.
How can I create some sequence of shape(dots in this case)that follow whatever shape, directly in Designer?
So I can use for any purpose

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - TDR message
 on: October 18, 2017, 01:25:41 pm 

Sorry to bother
I still got this GPU troubleshooting even if I set the value as advice.

I have installed Substance Painter 2017.2.0. purchased via steam and with Allegorithmic support implemented on their website so I can download directly.
Following a tutorial, I have trouble find Font Black Ops one on Procedurals.
How do I create text with this situation, am I missing something?

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