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SP 2018.3.2:
- edit texture set settings
- delete disabled texture sets, Apply
- Save or Save As project
- close Painter
- reopen Painter
- open project
- check texture sets

Expected: previously deleted texture sets are not present
Actual: previously deleted texture sets are present

SP 2018.3.2:  I have an fbx with UDIM tiles, I create new project in Painter, select the fbx mesh, check "create a texture set per UDIM tile" and Painter creates a texture set per material instead of per UDIM tile. Either the functionality is broken or there is a problem with my specific mesh (more likely). If you want to test with my mesh please contact me.

SD 2018.3.1. When drag&dropping a low poly mesh (fbx with multiple objects inside, UDIM) inside SD it gets triangulated. Then when we open the bake dialog from it, it gets triangulated again. SD should triangulate only once.
The time spent triangulating is particularity visible when the fbx contains many objets totaling a relatively high number of polygons.

Hi, I am wondering whether the new nVidia RTX cards raytracing capabilities could be used to speed up the AO/bent normal bakes and if you are planning to implement this in a future version of your bakers. Thanks!

SP 2018.2.3: I have a Painter project on which I used the Clone tool to fix textures. After a while I have reloaded the basecolor map which I changed externally (right-click on the basecolor map in Shelf/Project and Reload) -> the basecolor thumbnail got updated in Painter, but not all the cloning I did, I still have exactly the same stuff as before reloading.

Hi, when using the Clone tool, I usually cannot get a clone source (V key) close to where I want to paint. Painter will just not take the source if it is too close. I have to get the source from more remote areas. This is not always the case though, may be related to UVs, maybe the clone source cannot be taken inside the same UV polygon as where the paint will occur. Is this the case ? This limitation is quite annoying, can this be addressed?

SD does not support vertex colors in obj files. This is not standard, but a common way to support this is described on this wikipedia page

Implementation details are quite simple: "Some applications support vertex colors, by putting red, green and blue values after x y and z. The color values range from 0 to 1."
Please note this method is supported by ZBrush polypaint.

Would it be possible to implement this? Knowing FBX is limited in size, SD doesn't support PLY, OBJ might be the last option to enable very high poly meshes bakes in SD...

Hi, recently I was using an FBX mesh with vertex colors but no vertex normals. I baked into SD and had no problem. I baked into another software and the bake was completely off. I concluded that this other baker needed vertex normals part of the mesh definition in order to work, and that SD was not needing this, so was probably calculating this information. If this is correct, then what about getting the vertex normal from the mesh instead of calculating it? Could this lead to a significant performance boost for bakes? Does this make sense?

SP 2018.1.1
I am using Painter to clean up a texture set mostly with the Clone tool. At some point during the clean up process, Painter issues a warning/error saying the normal is invalid and recalculates the normal, but the recalculated normal is bad looking, see pictures below.

Hi, there are several predefined maps in SP already but not Bent Normal. Ok we can use User0 or others for it, but it would be good to have is as preset too. Thanks.

SD 2018.1.0 : sometimes the AO or Bent Normal baker is halting during long minutes (can be 30mins or more). Then it is resuming at usual speed, but can halt a moment after. I guess this is due to strange geometry and maybe ray bouncing or something like that. But can't the algorithm be a little smart in this case and realize by itself it is going around in circles with no benefit to the actual texture? It would be good this gets addressed because this is happening quite often and is considerably slowing down the (already not so fast) baking process.

Hi, sometimes I do some stupid things like using a low poly mesh for baking that has no UVs. This is a stupid mistake, but SD makes it pay hard : it actually loads the high poly mesh (which can be dozens of millions of polys) during a few minutes then tells the error about the low poly mesh having no UVs. Please check the UVs first before doing anything else when starting a bake so we can know immediately something is wrong. SD 2018.1.0

SD 2018.1.0: every time I drag a new mesh in the Explorer view, SD asks whether it should be treated as UDIM, this is very nagging! Can you please add a flag in Preferences to disable this UDIM popup?

Bakes can take a (very) long time, and during this time the computer is hardly usable as CPU usage is very high. It would be good to be able to configure thread priority or other sort of CPU usage for the bakers, which will take a little more time to complete, but will let the computer more usable during this time.

Also, a request many times made (any feedback?), GPU acceleration for bakers...

Hi, I am doing a bake with a FBX low poly and DAE high poly. I am using various bakers, color map from mesh, AO from mesh etc. SD is not able to bake a single one. I have the following in logs:

[WARNING][FBX] Call to FbxExporter::Initialize() failed.
[WARNING][FBX] Error returned: Unable to parse xml/dae file
[WARNING][Baking] Not enough data in the high poly to use selected baker. Aborting bake.
   ... (repeated 4 more times)

The high poly DAE mesh comes from PhotoScan. I don't know if the issue is on PhotoScan or SD side. I cannot open it as it is too big.

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