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Introducing M.A.T.  The Material Assistance Technician. 
hazMAT! He deals in dangerous substances!



Previous Concept:

The concept is a bit rough, but some elements are more exploratory rather than set in stone, the emissive areas on the hand and base for example. For body material, I am playing around with the idea of either a clean plastic, semi-worn metal, or perhaps that which comes across as more bendable (rubber? Silicon?).

Some minor use of normal map decals might be used to add a bit of "substance" (pun intended) to the surface.

Since M.A.T is a bit fun and quirky, he may choose to decorate his body with some stickers or markings. Maybe a bumper sticker for the Substance abuse hotline... joking! or am I?  ;)

I'll be posting progress as well as further developments here. The concept may take some macro level changes depending on the results I am getting.


Update #1: Finally managed to make time to continue working on this. Had a surprise project come up. Never realized how much the workflow for SP has progressed since I last used it. Coming from 3D Coat and Mari Indie, it definitely takes some re-adjustment in the way one approaches the texturing process.

Still playing around with the materials for M.A.T. and concepting in 3D, however there are a few looks I am starting to favor. The latter means moving away from the original concept.

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