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I think it would be very neat if we had the option to make the icon of an .sbsar file to be a thumbnail preview of the material it contains, at the moment of publication (instead of using exactly the same icon as the Substance Player software).

The snapshot of the material should be taken with default lighting on a transparent background and the viewport view being reset. The icon shouldn't waste space on the material and fit it as big as possible.
We could even choose what the 3D model could be from a drop-down list (sphere, cube, plane, high res plane with tesselation enabled, fabric cloth layed down on a sphere...)
And maybe put a small 'S' icon in the lower corner so we know it's a substance. Here's how it could like like with a sphere...

If enabled, this material thumbnail icon should be automatically generated every time we publish a .sbsar, ensuring the icon is up to date with the .sbs material.

This would be beneficial in the sense that we could pick our materials at a glance when choosing to work with them (when not in a library), and also standardize the icons of the materials among every user.

PS: I checked the "Enable Icon" checkbox from the archive publish options and tried putting an image in the icon slot from the graph properties > attributes. But nothing changed... Or maybe I didn't do it the right way...


Substance Integrations - Unity - Can't use .sbsar in Unity
 on: January 30, 2019, 09:22:26 pm 

I'm trying to use a .sbsar I downloaded from Substance Source with Unity 2018.3.3f1 but can't apply it to a gameobject...

I have already downloaded the "Substance in Unity" package and it stands in an Allegorithmic folder in the Assets.

But I can't drag the .sbsar onto an object in the scene.
And when I double click it, it tells me: "Unable to open Assets/.../nameOfMaterial.sbsar: Check external application preferences.

Outside of Unity, when I double click the .sbsar, it opens normally with B2M...

What am I doing wrong? How do I resolve this issue?



I want to propose 2 different features but that are connected to each other in order to achieve the same goal: I want to create quick previews/thumbnails of my substances in the form of .png images, so I visually know what a substance contains without having to open the archive. This would be very useful as my substance library grows.

To achieve that goal and have a consistent look to the materials I propose these 2 features:

1) Save Render as PNG with transparent background
Actually when I hit "Camera > Save Render", it makes a screenshot of the 3D viewport with the background. I know the background environment can be disabled, but I don't want a dark grey background either. I think only the mesh with the substance applied on it should be saved and all pixels that aren't part of the mesh should have their alpha transparent (like when saving a render as a .png from 3ds max).

2) Save camera position in 3D viewport as a preset file
It would be nice to be able to save the camera's position in the 3D view so we can retrieve the same point of view between different scenes. This would allow making consistent screenshots.
I believe it could be saved as an external file, something like a preset, thus allowing to save as many points of view as needed.

What do you guys think?


when I import a .sbsar material I created (totally procedurally) in Designer into Painter's shelf, every stroke I make on the mesh is very slowly computed. On paint mode it kind of does ok, but when in projection mode, it is really slow and has to compute every stroke I make before I see it applied on the model, which may take a few seconds.

I don't have have this problem with the other pre-packaged materials in Painter, despite my .sbsar weighting only 7 Ko. It has 5 channels: Base Color / Normal / Roughness / Metallic / Height.

What may be causing this?

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