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 Well, question is how i can affect material color when lightning hits it? For example I have blue colored surfae and i need it to be redish where PBR light hits its surface. Who knows how i can achive that? And i dont want manually affect light color, it should be as it is from enviroment.

Hello, I got some lines on my model, when i disable normal map in substance painter 2 they disappearing.
Well, I spend a lot of time to solve this by importing in different ways, checking mats and model itself. I cant solve this.
I have attached screenshot "AKM_SP_lines.png" it shows lines on receiver detail, model in viewer in 2k resolution (maps 4k)
Also, low-poly model and original normal map "AKM_Normal_fin82.tga"  and exported from substance painter "AKM_Normal_DirectX.png" all in 4k.

Low-poly model was exported from 3dsmax 2016, fbx. with smoothing groups without bi-normals (it also doesnt help to solve problem).
Baking was made in substance painter.

Dxdiag and log files also attached. If you will need some additional files I can add them for solving this problem only.

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