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Hi, currently to make masks for lines, like in this knife i'm using cycles's material node editor. And obviously it's working :)

Hovewer I'm wondering how to make it in SD, is it possible or I may map only uv and tri-planar?

Hi, I have got little problem and have no idea what's happening.
Everything look ok in substance painter 1.7.3 but after I export it specular map have some issues.

Yellow rectangles are from SP, rest from unity.
In this case I'm using specular preset for export, but even with other it's happening. I'm not using green elements anywhere so this one is especially weird.
Edit: To repair this I used gimp but here are simple color on specular maps (no dirt, etc.). With more complex situation i won't be able to use that.
Edit 2:
Disabled everything expect lamps and glass and still the same :(

Hi, i want to use only normal map baked in substance painter 1.73 from highpoly. Problem is showed on screenshots. They are from few versions of unity.

In substance painter it looks ok and happening whatever preset I'using.

Hi, I would like to paint my throwing knife using symetry depends on origin point on two axis at the same time. On this model making ID map is actually imposible so only way is to paint mask. Every plane has different space on texture. All objects are separated, I would like to make it on every model.

So how to change it? :) I'm using version 1.73

Hi, probably I'm doing something inncorrect :D On flashlight it looks like ok but not on skorpion (easy to see on bullet)

I'm using the same version of SP and unity, here is export setup comparsion:

Material in unity is the same type (standard). I also checked both with "pbr_validate", both looks correct:

So i compared textures in blender, it looks like metal channel is inversed on skorpion model.

Is there way inside SP to choose white/black level while exporting? Or maybe I just didn't clicked an button? :)

Substance Integrations - Unity - Normal bad exported
 on: December 02, 2015, 09:16:54 pm 
I searched forum and nothing helps :(
With reflections it looks like I need to work more with Roughness levels but I've got problem with normal maps which are looking weird when I import model into unity.
We can see more when bump more on normal map and disable rest
I've checked my scene on sci-fi chest and everything is ok but not here :(
Here is screenshot from Substance Painter
And older version in unity

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - Missing .exr?
 on: December 01, 2015, 08:10:04 pm 
Hi, I made my model, painted, exported, so I want to check it in unity. Only one which left is .exr file. I was working on default in SP called "Panorama". Problem is there is no panoama.exr file in my pc ???. I've checked it on "enviroments: folder, checked also in blender for it, even searched all pc but there isn't panorama.exr. It's only exist in substance painter :))

Where it may be? Or maybe I can download it from somewhere?

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - baking issue
 on: November 25, 2015, 02:02:37 pm 
Hi :)
I want to paint my model in SP so i've exported it in .obj but it look sucks in SP with maps baked in Xnormal or blender. So i tried to bake them in SP with using high poly model but there is other problem which I has also in Xnormal but I cannot solve it in SP.

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