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SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - Re: Why Adobe?
 on: January 23, 2019, 07:24:55 pm 
Swore i'd never use Adobe products again after not using photoshop for 6 months while still paying for it, then cancelling and being hit with a $50 "cancellation fee". While poor.

I notice when i hold control or shift over a layer a + sign appears next to my cursor and i was hoping maybe i could adjust all opacities at the same time. I can't get that to work but i wonder if i am doing something wrong.

2 quick suggestions:

Make adjusting opacity just a matter of clicking and dragging left to right without bringing up the slider.

#2 Make enabling pen pressure on/off a click-toggle instead of a drop down menu.

I mean im getting carpel tunnel syndrome just from *RE-SETTING* the two pen pressures over and over and over and over and over and over to where i want it when just while working with some black grime drips layers, one painted and one particles, a layer with multi colored rust, painted.

And I only wanted to use one pressure setting in the first place.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - SP 2.0 sale?
 on: March 03, 2017, 07:59:39 pm 
edit: change of plans.

Does anyone know when Substance Painter 2 will go on sale next?

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Showcase - Re: Desserttech MDR-C
 on: October 25, 2016, 04:07:09 am 
Nice job. Reminds me of the guns in Chronicles of Riddick: ESRB for some reason.

Getting seems around my uv islands too on the curvature map. Is that normal for substance? Im still using 1.7.3

I used average normals for the bake options, with 8px padding. Normal map with a default material looks fine. Its simple rock that was exported from max in fbx with tangents and bi-normals checked. Or, i think curvature comes only from via converted normal map or low poly geometry, right? So maybe export/baking options wouldn't effect that.

I did of course uncheck show seems. I tried both actually, no difference that i could discern.

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Showcase - Re: Sci-fi Floor texture
 on: September 07, 2016, 08:19:53 pm 
Looks very nice to me too.

Okay, just re-installed both my graphics card ( integrated intel and Nvidia) and now it loads up okay. The knald demo also now opens when before it was giving me a "shader and glsl level not high enough" error message. Im guessing its something wrong with being able to choose which video card components to use, but i have no idea.

Ugh, i guess i must replace both drivers at the same time from now on.

Heres the dxdiag log file.

Any B2M logs i can get for you?

I found that i can select the menu tabes and if i disable 3d view i can then see the interface. If i try to re-enable 3d view, nothing happens and the program slows way down.

With the 3d interface disabled i can use B2M3, but something is dragging its performance down to a crawl.

Tried reinstalling too, it didn't help.

Yeah, my GPU is a GTX 555M, which runs and loads Skyrim and Rage just fine, although at a lower framerate, also Mass Effect and many others. I just tried installing the new Windows 10 anniversary edition Nvidia drivers, but that didn't help.

I get an all white interface after loading up B2M 3.1. Any idea what this could be or how to fix it? I have Win 10 (regrettably), with its new update, close to the latest Nvidia drivers and the Steam version.

Love it, great job.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Showcase - Re: The MACHIN3 creates.
 on: August 25, 2016, 04:23:49 am 
Looks great, love the detail. I wish the ball turret thing in Oblivion looked like that, but with the same sound effects of course.

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Showcase - Re: Cobblestone
 on: July 26, 2016, 01:56:32 am 
I really like em and i have to disagree with others about spacing since there is a huge variety in the real world, so its really dependent on what your going for. My only feeling is that perhaps it would look a bit better with some more variance in color from rock to rock.

Reminds me of Metro 2033 detail.

Some new requests after finishing a new project with Painter:

-rename effects stack stuff (important). Especially when experimenting. I often have 3 paint layers.

-flow setting OFTEN doesnt go low enough to apply the paint slowly enough to stay in control and get a smooth enough gradient/result.

-hotkey to toggle mask view of currently selected layer/s, also nice because right clicking mask open the mask's effects and focuses on the mask.

-drag and drop a copy of filters and effects etc around layer stack with alt-drag (new copies have suffix "copy")

-optional hotkeys to individually bring up brush windows and the like, and remember their positions.

-adjust individual color selections by expanding/contracting selection certain amount of pixels, such as 1 pixel at a time progressivelly with gradients

-color id savable sub-selections, or "auxillary" selections for certain purposes like adding variation.

-color code layers in folder like photoshp, but not limited in number. It would help help when things get complex and you start putting little adjustment later/generators and filter everywhere to keep from duplicating information.

-default to dynamic in color picker. My monitor sucks.

-option to hold texture thumbnail preview images in ram for quick loading.

-bigger thumbnail preview option.

-popup texture browser, full screen, optional, mayle alt-click select opens?

-slider to desaturate the IBLs a little bit so they don't have so much effect on color decisions.

-hotkeys to change interface windows around to user defined presents, and simple and easy to save, like in photoshop. Named. hotkeyable. For long periods of time, it seems i only need a small section of the whole interface. (Maybe hide functionality like this away in some deeper menus to keep it simple for new users if thats a goal? Or maybe an advanced set of options)

-collapse/minimize all layers except current folder, would help when things get a little crazy.

-option to go out of bounds for mask parameter inputs (give medium curvature parameter as example), its sometimes so close, but not enough. Don't know if thats possible.

-hotkey to cycle through additional maps, remembering last viewed and returning to that for quick comparisons between various material input and additional maps.

-Describe in the baking settings for curvature that the "vertex" value bakes from the LP mesh? Confusing.

-more easily control/edit/delete things in library, like applying a levels command to curvature and AO maps quickly for example without going out of SP.

-Some way to modify the results of a mask generator for different areas, instead of creating a new one for each area that needs less or more masking. I find that the masks usually look fine for most areas, but needs to be toned down or ramped up or otherwise alterted to look good in other areas. I can of course use a paint effect now, but i had some ideas for another system that still utilized the existed generators. So like some mode we enter to adjust an existing generator and only apply the changes to a small croped "patch" area, at least in the final result. Maybe instead just a cropping system to save space/performance. Maybe using the quick mask system to hightlight the area to copy the mask results from. Perhaps the patch area retains the basic settings and just the grayscale/rbg crop of the area to apply the changes to. Or maybe its a generator that isstead of being the mask itself it just a tool to creat the mask for a given area if that makes sense. Maybe a "copy to patch area", "apply", or "done" to exit the mode. Or maybe just a simple copy/paste layer into another layer. I also like this because i was assuming that fill layers and all mask layers currently take up whole uncompressed image worth of data. So im sorta thinking of a univeral dust generator layer and a "target layer" to paste the results into when finished. Just copy/paste with a crop function to save data really i guess is all it really is. Maybe you can keep the generator with its current settings around until your sure your done with it.

-toggle layer visibility hotkey

-ctrl click channel to select only that one in brush options

-laser pointer, something that if you point onto the 3d surface, the laser will also highlight on the UVs, to help find stuff.

-automatically scroll the layer stack when dragging near top/bottom edges. Preferably with a little control of speed, like a 3cm portion above and below would control speed based on cursor position in that area.

-Save *basic* settings to file, such a pain to re-configure so many settings when re-installing windows, troubleshooting, upgrading,etc, etc, etc. I wish every program had this. Not stuff that might mess with changes of the software of course.

-Way to handle separate AO maps for exploded bakes vs baking full LP. Optional separate channel?

-middle click to scroll menus, would be very helpful for pen users.

-using the polygon fill mode often selects multiple pieces of geometry at the same time. Its okay when i can see the changes to other geometry, i can just undo right then, but it could easily be missed when zoomed in.

-add erase to polygon fill mode.

-masks for generators/filters/levels etc (would be VERY helpful, to be able to rename these). I think this would potentially help prevent a lot of repetition of layers made to make small changes and clean up the layer stack somewhat.

-flow of black always much more strong then white, super annoying to work with something.

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