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I am just copying the extracted .rpm package into opt folder and run the app(Designer and Painter) and add to favorite manually or by using Menu Editor
I found that if the preferences not saving you need to change the permission on the file.
and if the qt file dialog(file open save) refuse to save bookmark, change/edit the preference but I can't remember where it is located.

Starting with 20018.2.0 the UI is pleasant to use and the "Alt+RMB" for zoom in/out is working, the floating Node Toolbar is really floating even if the main app minimized and not really an issue for me, the ability to zoom in and out smoothly is more important with small screen.
And if the baker window going off screen for display under 800px height just grab the window with "Alt+F7" to bring it a little bit upward to have that bake button visible.

I don't have the OGL 2.0 when I try to switch engine, it says OGL 3.x in the dialog.

Thank you, looking forward for the update.

Substance designer 2018.2.0 crash when linking 3d mesh
Ubuntu 17.10

Already sent the log through the crash dialog.

Hi Feasso, I am using Nvidia 320M, 8GB RAM, Intel 2.4GHZ and I still can run 2.4.1 fine, though not a lot of layers per material/UDIM, the maximum I can get was 2-3 layers per UDIM, 3 UDIM, resolution 2048x2048 and not without crashing though especially when exporting.

Basically run Painter first before running any other application. If you have HD 5570, I think it is four times than 320M memory 1GB vs 256MB

The fact that I can reach the maximum I stated above could be the result of 8GB RAM(used as shared memory by 320M), I have no idea how much the added memory into the GPU with 8GB RAM.

The performance difference between the two, maybe you can look at this chart to gain more insight.

I think HD 5770 is more capable of running Painter 2.4.1 or the latest version(2.5.3) than 320M, most of the Features are way above 320M, except the same number of Render Output Processors, 8.

2.5.3 cannot run well in my system, everything is fine, baking etc, it is just the brush preview stays black therefore I can't paint or fill layer, even with a solid color, the viewport is not updating.

One thing I note if working with a notebook, make sure you have a healthy battery or just use UPS instead of battery, a drastic streak in requiring more watt from an unhealthy battery will freeze the system, no other way than a hard reset but if you're on a desktop I think you don't have to worry about this.

So, I hope I can give some perspective on how HD 5770 will perform based on my experience with 320M, maybe give it a try for both version (2.4.1 and 2.5.3)

Hi Froyok,

Yes I am fully aware about the support for below minimum spec.

About the preferences, I was deleting the previous version of Painter as my first try to resolve the issue, I have Substance Painter 1 and 2 preference files in Preferences folder, so I delete the 1 and it seems doesn't resolve the issue so I just edit t manually and yes this Preference not saving is new, previous version 2 built doesn't have this as long as I can remember.

Thank you.

Hi Froyok, Weswait,

I am sorry for uploading my log files I think Froyok ask Weswait for the log file, Weswait spec can be different.

In my case the preference always reset to 0.01 for UV size and 0.1 for both Rotation and Zoom Speed, I was working with Painter and every launch it always reset, so I edited the .plist copy change the value and copy it back to its location, as long as I didn't open the preference window, the settings saved, once I open the preference window and checking the value if it is correct and close it, the next launch will reset to 0.001 and 0.1.

About the gpu model, yes I have it under minimum, so far I don't have any problem or artifacts like described by Weswait

Thank you.

I can finally how to put the modification in the glslfx :) though I don't know if all lines are required

Ho Froyok

here is the exported log file

Thank you

Thank you for the reply, I tried to understand the documentation and put two lines in the .glslfx but it doesn't work, certainly I need more understanding on how it works. I just want to know how exactly to achieve the point/nearest texture filtering in the 3d view. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.


How i can turn off texture filtering in the 3d View, I bake the texture to 256, it is flat colors so I don't need higher resolution maybe even going lower. In Unity there is Point filter and in Marmoset there's a checkbox to turn Filter off, I wonder if Substance Designer 3d view can do this, are there settings for this or is it in the graph/node settings?

I have the preference is not saved too, I have to edit the plist file manually for UV size, rotation and zoom speed, (the defaults is 0.01 for UV size and 0.1 for both rotation and zoom speed). Copying the back up to the preference folder before launching Painter resolving the issue temporarily, on the next launch it will be reset to 0.1

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