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Just curious if there's any particular reason why it's working in Designer but not Painter?

Also if it's something that is slated to be added anytime soon?

Is it possible to render displacement (height map) with Iray in Painter? I was able to figure it out in Designer, but don't see similar settings in Painter.

When I add a Transmissive channel to a texture set in Painter nothing changes in the rendering. Is this feature available in Iray?

I figured it out. I had to select "Normal" in the drop down in the Layers panel, then change the compositing mode for the layer to "Normal" (not to be confused with "Normal").

By default layers in the Normal channel are set to "Normal map detail" (NMdt) in the compositing mode dropdown.

I'm a total noob so I may be understanding this totally wrong, but when I make a new layer and paint in the normal channel, I expect it to cover the layer below it. But for some reason in my project file, when I paint in the normal channel of the above layer it, doesn't lay over:

Painting in the area circled has no effect. When I turn off 'Layer 1' this is what it looks like:

I have the 'nrm' channel activated and the 'Normal' value is set to a uniform color:

I like it :)

Oh okay, I tried saving as a PSD and I see it saves out the alpha channel as a mask, but it's still only the object. Is there a way to save the alpha for the glare as well?

Where is that setting?

Nevermind, found it in the Camera settings.


Is there a way to increase the resolution of a render in 3D View?

I tried changing the resolution of the camera (Camera > Edit Selected) but it has no effect on the render resolution.

When I try to save a render with Iray (Camera > Save Render) with post effects like glare, the alpha only includes the object.

Is there a way to include glare as well?

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