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I have a problem with a material from substance source "Offroad tire T Sculpts Tread". Why does is show part in black and part in grey?

I have a problem with a material from substance source "Offroad tire T Sculpts Tread". There is black and grey and not sure what is going on. I'm new to Substance painter, and this is the first material I use from Substance source, so there is something that I'm doing wrong, or that I haven't done yet. How do I get a uniform colour on this?

When will the COP network version of the plugin be available:

Documentation states:
"Currently the 1.x version of Substance in Houdini is using a SHOP network. We are rewriting the Houdini plugin to be used as a COP network"

In Mask Editor there is Image input with texture and Texture (secondary).
Why is the texture 1 opacity and texture 2 opacity all the way up? don't they belong next to their textures.
Here is what happens: I choose the texture and nothing happens in the viewport, oh, I need to go up, all the way up to texture opacity to switch it on. It's not user friendly.
Anything related to texture 1, belongs next to texture 1.
Anything related to texture 2, belongs next to texture 2.

project file (around 1,3gb):

log file attached

I've checked what's in these folders in "My documents", it's the autosave that stores a lot of stuff. Can I redirect the autosave somewhere else?

Thank you very much for the tutorial on Substance Painter 2018. I have followed till 09 about using anchor points:

but when I create the anchor point and want to reference it in MG dirt (following the steps in the tutorial) I can't find the anchor point because the anchor tab is greyed, can't be selected.
Micro height (in mg dirt) is already on.

Please help

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Feature Requests - Clear layer
 on: January 16, 2019, 10:46:58 am 
If I experiment by painting on a standard layer, then change my mind and want to start paining all over again, I should be able to clear the layer and restart painting. But now I have to delete the layer and recreate it.
It would help if we have something like "clear layer" just like there is "clear mask".

Great data comes with Substance painter and Substance designer, but you force it in:
My C drive is only for system and software, not for data.
In Windows machine it is common to have 2 drives, the second and biggest is for the data, but during installation I don;t get to choose where to save the data.

Try to install e-on Vue, even a trial, and you will see they give the option to choose where to save the GBs of data that comes with it.

I can't install other software because your data stands in the way, it's occupying space on the wrong drive, the C drive.

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