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Here's a Sketchfab 3D version:

Wow, LOVE this! Great use of transparency.

Looking good, and that base!

Nice N clean. I'm digging the HAL inspired one.

Very nice. Digging the treatment on that base!

Nice work on that base! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the figure.

Had a blast cranking this one out for the contest! I have done a slew of DIY Custom Vinyls over the years (including my own Sketchbot platform), and have always done a variant of my Sketchbot skin on whatever platform I was invited to participate in. Thanks for hosting such a cool and fun contest guys!



Steve Talkowski
Design. Create. Animate.


I can't find either of these on the OS X version of Maya 2016. Are they hidden? Does a plug-in need to be enabled? I don't have the LT version, but the FULL version of Maya.

Any ideas?



Hey stevetalkowski,

the OS X version should not differ from the Windows version. All the features should be the same regarding the shaders.

Best regards


Is all this stuff Windows only? I have the FULL version of Maya 2016 OS X, but see no ShaderFX or StingrayPBS. Why can't us on the Macs play too? Is there any solution for us OS X users?


Thanks Fabian!

Just getting back into the workflow here and got a successful transfer over to Toolbag and exported out to their 3d viewer:


Here is a link to the viewer inside ArtStation:

And a still image attached to this post. Thanks for all the help guys!


Thanks Wes - i will pass this info along to the Keyshot crew!


Turns out the file was a power of 2 (512, 1024, 2048, 4096, etc.) - it was 4000 x 2000 pixels. I resized in Photoshop and it works now.

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