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  • about iteration: there is a way to iterate through the fx-map node, this could be used to locate items into an array/list
Totally different context : the graph describing the FxMap node drawing process is not a function graph (for a reason).

Yet, array/lists would be useful when working with fx-map since we have iterations there. Here is a practical example: I have a processing requiring a number of controls points presented as exposed input parameters. First, I would like the user to be able to define the number of control points, but I can't without a dynamic array of input parameters, so this number has to be fixed. Second, the code within functions I am using inside the fx-map is quite repetitive, because I cannot iterate through control point inputs. I am trying to factorize as much as possible into functions but this is still not great (especially when functions have no input parameters). If I could iterate over control points, I would have one big loop and that's all, code would be much cleaner.

About the implementation I reckon we don't have all the keys, we just don't know how your software is working internally. But there should be a way, there is always a way... ;)

  • about iteration: there is a way to iterate through the fx-map node, this could be used to locate items into an array/list
  • UI: is this really a show-stopper? Come on!
  • out-of bounds: the function language is so controlled it would be easy to catch this

I would love to see the function capabilities improve and array/lists would be awesome. Also, I ideally would like to use a simple script language that would match the nodes functionalities, this would make function code much easier to write and read. I would also like to be able to have more user interaction with the 2D view. For example we can let the user position a control pin, but can we trigger an action when user clicks at a certain location?

Update: problem seem to occur when first udim tile 1001 is empty.

SP 2018.3.2:
- edit texture set settings
- delete disabled texture sets, Apply
- Save or Save As project
- close Painter
- reopen Painter
- open project
- check texture sets

Expected: previously deleted texture sets are not present
Actual: previously deleted texture sets are present

SP 2018.3.2:  I have an fbx with UDIM tiles, I create new project in Painter, select the fbx mesh, check "create a texture set per UDIM tile" and Painter creates a texture set per material instead of per UDIM tile. Either the functionality is broken or there is a problem with my specific mesh (more likely). If you want to test with my mesh please contact me.

SD 2018.3.1. When drag&dropping a low poly mesh (fbx with multiple objects inside, UDIM) inside SD it gets triangulated. Then when we open the bake dialog from it, it gets triangulated again. SD should triangulate only once.
The time spent triangulating is particularity visible when the fbx contains many objets totaling a relatively high number of polygons.

Doh, that's the second time I am requesting something that magically appears in the next SD release, you guys rock :)

Hi, I am wondering whether the new nVidia RTX cards raytracing capabilities could be used to speed up the AO/bent normal bakes and if you are planning to implement this in a future version of your bakers. Thanks!

Ok thanks, so you are already doing the best that can be done!

SP 2018.2.3: I have a Painter project on which I used the Clone tool to fix textures. After a while I have reloaded the basecolor map which I changed externally (right-click on the basecolor map in Shelf/Project and Reload) -> the basecolor thumbnail got updated in Painter, but not all the cloning I did, I still have exactly the same stuff as before reloading.

Thanks @Froyok! I would vote for raising the priority of this in the backlog :) I am using the Clone tool a lot and this is a significant issue to me, or anyone wanting to do texture cleanup. Also a Healing brush similar to Photoshop has been requested many times I think, but I don't know how long we'll wait for it or if we ever will see it in SP...

Hi, when using the Clone tool, I usually cannot get a clone source (V key) close to where I want to paint. Painter will just not take the source if it is too close. I have to get the source from more remote areas. This is not always the case though, may be related to UVs, maybe the clone source cannot be taken inside the same UV polygon as where the paint will occur. Is this the case ? This limitation is quite annoying, can this be addressed?

To clarify, SD supports vertex color in OBJ file in the form of hexa digits after a specific tag (ZBrush export form), but not directly after the vertex coordinates. ZBrush supports both formats on import but only the hexa format on export apparently.

@Cyrille Damez: I just posted a file with vertex colors visible in zbrush that doesn't bake in SD at

@Cyrille: I don't know in which way SD supports obj vertex colors, but apparently not the way it is described on the wikipedia page. I tried a "colormap from mesh" bake with a mesh using this format and this led to a black image. See,25302.0.html

@hansolo: I need very high poly mesh to bake from vertex colors. Knald does it but has a tendency to crash on some maps with very high poly meshes. Unfortunately SD doesn't support PLY, support for obj with vertex colors is apparently not standard so it may support it (does it?) in a way that is not necessarily compatible with other software, and FBX has a size limitation...

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