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Hey sonali31. Bonding is the pattern at which the brick or block work is set out in.

You get lots of variations, the most common I believe is the stretcher bond where bricks lie over each others centers 50/50.

Lots of pictures and explanations here for you :)

.........................Feel free to keep asking if you have any more questions or run into something.

Thank you Eggfruit. You may come to regret that!!  ;D

I am just finishing off the modelling stage. I am determined to use SD for the majority of my texturing....nothing like learning on the job to add some focus.

Thank you Eggfruit!! I once again greatly appreciate the help and advice.

 I will look at that node and have a play. The gradient fills look exactly like what I was trying to achieve. Sp many things to learn with substance designer. Its quite daunting being new to it all but clearly an incredibly powerful bit of kit.

I have been looking at both methods, both very interestingly different in their approach. I am also watching the tutorial on creating a brick wall

I have been trying to replicate the start of the tutorial where gradient ramps and a single shape are used to offer more flexibility further down the line, especially when creating degraded edges and weathering.

Is this possible to recreate using the bond pattern I need. See my screen shot please. When I blend I am assuming the gradient is causing the fade issue?

Maybe using Nicolas tile generator would allow the chance to do all the weathering at the start and then do the blend but that is super hard with horizontal tiles on the top of the blend?

Thanks again guys. :)

haha I feel quite embarrassed now........I have been battling away and surprised how simply you created that!!  ::)

Thank you so much guys, that was really kind of you :)

Hi all,

This is the start of my adventure into Substance Designer and onwards. I need to create a particular pattern for granite block work for a visualisation. I think I need to create two patterns and blend them together or maybe use the random tile generator but I am feeling very out of my depth. Any advice or references to tutorials will be very warmly accepted.

I have attached some screen grabs from Autocad that I need to replicate.

Thank you kindly in advance :)

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