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 Well, question is how i can affect material color when lightning hits it? For example I have blue colored surfae and i need it to be redish where PBR light hits its surface. Who knows how i can achive that? And i dont want manually affect light color, it should be as it is from enviroment.

Thanks for answer! Very appreciate.

Lines follow the mesh. The points on this mesh not on one plane, but they should. For example some points got difference in 0,001mm distance, I was making them all without any difference (cause they should me at one plane at one side) on receiver part and reupload to substance, it also doesnt helped me and when i was baking AO and thikness map all colors and some generators become broken, but I couldnt see any lines with that. Well, it looks strange.

Hello, I got some lines on my model, when i disable normal map in substance painter 2 they disappearing.
Well, I spend a lot of time to solve this by importing in different ways, checking mats and model itself. I cant solve this.
I have attached screenshot "AKM_SP_lines.png" it shows lines on receiver detail, model in viewer in 2k resolution (maps 4k)
Also, low-poly model and original normal map "AKM_Normal_fin82.tga"  and exported from substance painter "AKM_Normal_DirectX.png" all in 4k.

Low-poly model was exported from 3dsmax 2016, fbx. with smoothing groups without bi-normals (it also doesnt help to solve problem).
Baking was made in substance painter.

Dxdiag and log files also attached. If you will need some additional files I can add them for solving this problem only.

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