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I'm trying to determine if this is possible, I'm not sure what to call it, which is making searching for it very difficult.

I have a Tile Random Color Node which is setup to create stripes of random widths using a polygon input.  I want then use the mask section of the node at the bottom to mask out some of the stripes.  I've then duplicated this node several times with different masking and a bunch of blends to stack them ontop of each other.  This allows me to color the different stripes.

If I choose to change the number of stripes, I have to change it in 5 places (based on the number of colors I want).  Is there a way to make all the other Tile Random Color Nodes inherit values from a master Tile Random Color node, but with a few overrides for the mask?  I want to expose the number of rows (the X amount) as a control, but only change it in one place.

I didn't think of sampling across applications!  That worked perfectly.  Thank you! 


I use Substance Painter at times in a non PBR workflow (older legacy iPhone games).  I have a mesh with a pre-existing texture that makes use of some solid colors. I want to use SP to paint on top of this mesh a new modified texture (I rather prefer the SP tools to say Photoshop).  I can't match the color.  @Froyok was kind enough to help me out that the problem was Linear and sRGB.  The color I'm trying to match is #333537.  Converting it to RGB or HSB values doesn't match the color I'm expecting. 

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: White/Black Mask Glitch?
 on: September 12, 2016, 10:37:07 pm 
I've hit this bug a few times, never sure what makes the Mask just start working.

Here's a video I have of it in action (after seeing this thread)

As you can see, the Grayscale slider just vanishes from my masks.  After quitting and relaunch they are back (as seen in the video).  I hope this helps.

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