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Hi there and thank you for your answer.

The back sides of the bricks will be deleted, so no waste of resources there.
I can't just make a texture because I need to match a very specific brick pattern and I don't know how to do that, that's why I modeled the bricks and layout them in that pattern (not the one of the image, it is just an example, I can't show the actual one).
And the brick pattern is like the ones in a roman aqueduct..., there are just bricks, no mortar at all.

Hi there;
I am doing a stone wall, but not with textures but actually modeled (it is for 3D printing).
o, I have a layout of stone bricks (like ancient roman ones) and a stone substance that I want to apply to them.
But I need each single stone brick to have a exclusive texture although they have the same material.
In short=Many objects with same material but different texture variations.

Keeping all that in mind..., What is the best way to do that?.
I mean, is best to have each single stone brick in its own UDIM?, or to have everyone in one UDIM but different materials (but then I'll need to have many materials that are, esentially, the same material) and change texture seeds in order to get different texture variations?.

Thank you in advance for your help, and excuse me if this is a dumb question :)

Hi there, that plugin update is the same located at ?

Because I need a version compatible with MAYA 2013. Any tips on that?.

Thank you.

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