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The project I work on requires a 8192 x 8192 resolution. (Designer & Player both support it)
Although UE4 engine allows 8192 x 8192 textures. I just found out that unreal plugin is limited to 4096x4096 (either CPU or GPU version).

Is there a table somewhere showing the output resolution limit of all substance integrations ?
what would be my options to lift that limitation in UE4 ?

For some reason the substance integration does not allow to select resolution (labeled as width & height) beyond 4096 x 4096

For some reason the grouping hierarchy of the published substance is completely ignored in Tootlbag 3.08
everything is placed under a 'Settings' sub group of the Substance

A drop down list parameter in a substance that start with a 0 index when published and imported in marmoset will display all entries correctly but will internally shift the selection so there is no way of actually using the first entry.

0 | Label 1   < Selected
1 | Label 2   < Actually using
2 | Label 3

Drop down list that start with index 1 don't seem to have the same problem.

1 | Label 1   < Selected & actually using
2 | Label 2
3 | Label 3

This is clearly a major shortcoming.
I can't think of any valid reason why you'd want to reset the output size when changing presets

Thank you Luca.
I did read the Expose limitation, but it wasn't obvious that this specific parameter would be impacted.
Indeed the parameter doesn't work in the published graph in substance player.

I suppose one option would be to use several 'pattern input' and drive the "pattern input number" with a drop down.
Would that work ?

Thanks a lot for the support :)

I'm using the amazing tile sampler in my graph and would like to expose it's pattern drop down selection to the graph.
but with a reduced patterns list.
So I've added as input tweak in my graph a integer1 parameter of type dropdown list.

and I wired the Tile sampler pattern dropdown to that graph parameter.

The problem is that for some reason changing the parameter does not update or change the tile sampler output in any way.
Is there any restriction related to way the tile  Sampler is constructed or did I miss something else ?

Ok the problem actually occurs when changing the dropdown selection in the preview tab.
Things seems to work ok when changing the default checkbox in the parameter tab

Thanks a lot for the detailed answer.
I must say Artifacts related to the random seed feature do scare me off...
would they still occur if the random seed option is turned off in the publishing ?

My other option obviously is to wait for SD2020.2...
would you be able to provide any (even very approximative) release date estimate ?

I'd like to have inputs into a substance that output white instead of black when nothing is feeded into them.

The solution I used was to rely on a switch that the user has to turn on to display the input.
When the switch is turned off everything is fine because I'm outputting white.
As soon as the switch is turned on and before the user enters a map to feed the input it outputs blacks.
I'd like to avoid that.
is there perhaps a way to know if an input path is empty or something ?

Thanks for the quick reply Luca.
I can't wait for the next release.. I could really use that feature now.

I'm building a substance that provides various switchable input slots.
the switch is made with a simple Switch greyscale.
Uniform white in 'false' and the input image in 'yes'.
Obviously this results in significant changes down the flow as soon as the inputs are switched on.

Would you be aware of any workaround with the current release to avoid this ?

On this doc page:
the following sentence:
"Lets you use another value than black as default input, if nothing is connected to this slot. Since SD 2020.2"
hints at a functionality present in 2020.2.
are the doc ahead of the release schedule ? because I don't think 2020.2 is a thing yet.

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