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It didn't become a gradient, it became a colored image. (Gradient map takes greyscale images and converts them to color images). Looks like you're using the color version of a node, and in the original they're using the greyscale version. For the ones in the library there's usually two kinds. Like, "Slope Blur" verses "Slope Blur Greyscale". (I can't quite see what node that is from that screenshot)

Since you're working with greyscale images, you should replace the node up there with the greyscale version of it. Then it should work right.

Alright, it's been approved! You can find it here:

I'll check this thread from time to time, so feel free to post if you have any questions about what it's doing, but I think it's pretty straightforward.

So you'll just have to connect many instances of your bricks with the seed set by hand to that function.

This actually sounds like a pretty interesting challenge. part of the challenge here is that we can't actually reference graphs directly in another graph, (although this would be a cool feature) we can only reference images FROM the graph. So anything that could do this would have to be fed several instances of your brick graph with the roots all set differently by hand.

I'm going to try to make an FXMap filter that works like a simplified Tile Generator, but that takes multiple inputs. I'll put it up on Substance Share when I'm done. It's not exactly like you're looking for, but I think it'll get the job done.

One thing I just noticed, the global offset I specified in my last post only works when tiling the tile generators by 3... After playing around a bit, for values for "Number X" and "Number y" other than 3, you'll want the Global Offset to be 0.5/Number.

So if you're tiling by 5, use a global offset of 0.1 by 0.1.

I think the trick here is that if you rotate the whole pattern, you get a nice, reliable repeat.
I was able to make this using two tile generators, with the "Free Rotation" set to 26.6 degrees (Inverse tan of 1/2, since, in your image, the small square is half the length of the big square)

I used bricks as the pattern type, with a low 'Patern Specific' setting, to get some anti-aliasing, and set the size of the first generator to 0.85 (it just looked right)

The second one is set to 0.4, and the Global Offset was set to 0.165, 0.165 to add the small squares in between.

I hope this helps!

Sounds like good news to me! I'd forgotten about GDC being around the corner, so that explains everything. Thanks for the response.

Content - Substance Share - Is this thing still going?
 on: March 13, 2016, 03:49:45 am 
I'm just wondering about the status of the Substance Share platform, since it seems like nothing's been happening with it for a long time. For one thing, I uploaded a substance almost three weeks ago, and it's still pending approval. I imagine it takes a lot of time to check each submission by hand so I don't mind having to wait, but at the same time, only three or four new files have been posted since then (and most of them revisions of files that already existed)
Another thing is that I was expecting a "Top picks from February" post like there was in January, but that never seemed to happen.

Is the site still being maintained? It's a project that I was very excited about when it came out. I have had a lot of fun with it, learned a great deal about SD from looking at the examples people have posted, and I was looking forward to eventually uploading some more creations of my own.

If anyone knows what's going on with it, whether it has a future, or if the company's attention has drifted away from this, I'd like to know, just for my own peace of mind. Meanwhile, I'll probably keep checking the site every few days.

Hello there! I had recently found a solution to a similar problem myself, so I thought I'd share my answer. Looks like you want something kind of like Fabian's solution, but with the brick alignment going back and fourth as it goes down, rather than to one side each time? I think the simplest solution would be to use Fabian's setup, but only with two rows, and then tile that result vertically, with only one column (maybe using Tile Random, with the pattern set to input and the size set to 1. I thought about Transform, but that would squish the horizontal gaps)

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