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Clarisse Substance Painter workflow is worth it to check it out. Standard and Disney Principled Shader use a different approach but It gives you a little inside about the usage of the materials for pbr metallic and in general workflow.
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thanksl you i was searching for something like this, you help me a lot

I tested a simple solution in Painter.

1) Base Layer
2) Second Fill layer above with only Height showing through.  I then Adjusted that layer's height to be higher than layer below. Next, I added layer mask and used Polygon Fill to select the areas to mask for panels and also paint layer to hand paint some panels.
3) I also created an anchor point on the mask to used as micro detail for mask generator.
4) Lastly, I copied mask into upper layer which I used for masking color between panel lines.
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This was done quickly on my laptop but hopefully the point gets through.
so beautiful thank you so much for the idea

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