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Hi, can I add fur on the clothes in Maya? Do we need to create an environment for the statue? And can I render the scene in Maya (Arnold) ?

First question, not sure...I know in MD you can make fur, hair etc in it, but .....ya most use Maya or some other 3d program.  Number 2, no we do not...  3, in the rules it says we need to render in Substance Painter, there is a free shot, so not sure what that means,  other than we can render in anything ....  but devs will need to finish answering those, as I'm unsure so hopefully they do as I would like to know as well.

Hi, can I add fur on the clothes in Maya? Do we need to create an environment for the statue? And can I render the scene in Maya (Arnold) ?

* 1 Basic Shot: Rendered image using Iray in Substance Painter with the size of the 3D model and angles as close as possible facing the camera. You must use Tomoco Studio, the default environment map in Substance Painter
* 1 Free Shot: Unleash your creativity and imagination: you can change environment maps, camera angles, weathering, and more in this shot.

The rendering has to be done in SP, it shows that in the rules. That part.  Unless the free shot can be.. not sure.

I was reading the rules, and submissions, but I was unsure on where we submit our work once we are complete. are we allowed to combine the two ?

Last are we allowed to export, and do anything in Photoshop at all?


Nope for the both questions

what about the first one about submissions? where do we submit. Just on this thread or some where else? it wasn't 100% clear. It said we could post on all sorts of sites, but I didn't see where to submit . Thanks.!

I was reading the rules, and submissions, but I was unsure on where we submit our work once we are complete. are we allowed to combine the two ?

Last are we allowed to export, and do anything in Photoshop at all?


can you use any bit map? at all??  If so, want I do is start off with rounded square from something I made in Photoshop, its faster and looks better.  If you are allowed, I dunno anything about the contest as I been busy with clients, games etc..

So if so, that will be faster and better to start a rounded square from Photoshop.

You should click on the Upgrade button at the bottom of the Buy page.

You will have 2 offers:
- subscribe to Substance
- purchase 12-months upgrade for $75


WOW surprised this post was still going, I have not checked it in awhile......anyways the developer contact me back then....and I'm fine with how it works and understand how it works, I didn't all of the info at that time...... Thanks again for the help for explaining it to me...

First time I had a developer email me with my concern...Thanks a ton....Keep up the awesome support...

SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - Re: New Substance changes
 on: November 23, 2017, 10:01:43 pm 

I'm glad you did, but I did not... 

I'm fine with it now, since the developer contacted me and explained it further. So I'm good with what they did regardless..

But just like games, I hate when people SAY they got something, I'm happy for you, but they don't mean everyone got it.....  Just like a bug in a game, as a game developer, do you say,well, I don't have that issue???  I mean cmon, bugs happen, mistakes happen....I know what I read....I didn't have that info at that time.

But the developers where so kind to contact me and explain it to me, and I was happy to here how its handled..

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Showcase - Re: Substance Learnings
 on: November 15, 2017, 08:06:58 am 
Hey! thanks for the comments, now that I look at it it does kind of look like some alien planet thingy

I'll keep working on these little experiments, I think i'll try and incorporate a zbrush workflow into substance and see what comes out of it

I started adding Zbrush with Substance and Modo.. and wow, makes a difference..   Looking good, I also make a lot of stuff with just normal and height to play around with different shapes.  Good way to learn new shapes, techniques.

Sorry don't think we are allowed to.....or I would, do you NOT have Substance Designer 5?  its in there if so. If not, the new Perlin noise, I tested, works the same way as zoom... Using scale.  I was annoyed at first when zoom was gone..but after a lot of testing, I don't even use it, I use the new one.  Just saying..

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Discussions - Re: 3D view question.
 on: October 30, 2017, 07:08:11 pm 
ya, I did do that but let be double check. something.  Thanks.

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Discussions - 3D view question.
 on: October 30, 2017, 12:29:54 am 
Hi, I been using SD 5 and many others for awhile, I been using 2017.1  a little less, but I noticed, every time I make a texture, in the 3d view they are all shiney..  I like the old clay look.  Is there some setting they moved to set this to be less shiney ? I checked render settings, display, etc.. and had no luck..   I have a hard time seeing my normal maps... when doing stuff like bricks etc... when its that shiney..

anyways, any suggestions?     I have only the height and normals done, I just added a color for the diffuse for right now.

Ya I was able to add in the old noises and they worked......but I did have a crashing issue, not sure if it was related or not. I made a post about it, but you can give it a try go inside your old SD 5, and get the noises.

Yes I did get the Perlin to work, using scale..  Vertical noise is gone, that one annoyed me, as I liked it, I hated it was gone, so I added to the new SD and it worked again later in the day I got some crashing, but not sure if it was related as it keep asking me to update that node I added from the old SD, so trying to get a dev to confirm if we can take out old ones and use in the new one or not...

I just posted about this as well noticed many noises are gone, for perlin zoom, yes just use scale, I tested and works fine that way.

I notice a few noises nodes missing that I liked, vertical noise..was missing..

I added it from the new version it worked fine for days, now all of a sudden it keeps asking me to update that node...any reason why its crashing over and over it says invalid version number, I believe is the error. are we not allowed to use the old noise filters???  if so, why did you guys take them out...this is the third one I liked you guys took out...

any help would be great. on suggestions if we are allowed to do what I did? or is there another way to do this?  Thanks.

ps,  just seen directional was it replaced by that??    also still want to know are we not allowed to use old ones?   I was able to add it and use it fine, but it keep asking me to update , and it would cause it to crash. any info would be great.

I got that right from Steam.  So sounds like it needs to be updated and corrected.

They need to show it properly then as it said Sept 2017 is all I seen. and I own all your products all versions.

If Designer 6 is June 2018.. Then great that is fair of course.  that is what I'm talking about as it looked as if it was months later... Since Designer came out a few months back.... So so please correct your emails. Then. Maybe it missed the Substance Designer 6 knowing I own it maybe?

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