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Just a minor annoying thing in 2018.3.0 When i start a new project using "PBR - Metallic Roughness (allegorithmic)" Template - in SHADER SETTINGS it starts with pbr-metal-rough (Outdated).
Cheers :)

Any estimates on the fix arrival ?

New painter keeps crashing while clonestamping in a super simple file with two layers. One with diffuse and normal texture and second pssthrough layer.
New nvidia drivers and gf 980Ti.
Tried on several files - new and converted from previous versions.

SubstanceSubstance - Purchases & Licenses - Substance Painter 2 Update
 on: November 24, 2017, 12:03:19 pm 
I got very confused about licencing substance painter.
-I have bought substance painter 2 on Steam
-It was changed by You to Substance painter 2017 (currently 2017.3.2) Which is  no longer supported by Your maintenance (ended 30/09/2017)
-I started painter today and it asked do i want an update, and then downloaded 2017.4.0 but standalone - not steam verssion- What is this ?
-There is a new entry on steam called substance painter 2018 which is now discounted for 356zł (around 100$) which is the price for completely new software
-There are also some promised coupons on steam but not delivered - what are these ?

I am completely lost by it all.
What should i do (or is there a way) to get steam version of painter with a year of upgrades for the price of upgrade ?

OK, there might be something here.
I run some tests and the weird steps for proper baking with normal maps are:
- Make a new project with normalmap set to DIRECTX
- stamp some normalmap decals
- export  both DIRECTX and OPENGL normal map as a 16bit .tif
- import it to project and put OPENGL normalmap into normalmap slot in TextureSet Settings
- bake ao
- replace OPENGL normalmap with DIRECTX one for further work and export.

Then i made different case with OPENGL project, where you have to use DIRECTX normalmap for proper results.

It seems like your baker bakes properly only with normalmap that is NOT compatible with projects settings.

Hi , the update to 2.6.0 fixed the issue of blank parts, BUT: The baking result is now completely wrong so it is still useless, it looks like some blended channels from normalmap instead of proper AO.
I attach the screenshot with comparison to painter 1.7.3 where it bakes properly.

Any progress? Any estimates? It has been almost a month.

I downloaded  painter 1.7.3 and made comparison with 2.5.3 with the same mesh and normalmap, everything bakes fine in painter1.
Also note better behaviour on the seams in painter1.

Here is a video walkthrough:

Oh, i was changing ingnore backfaces in common options - my bad. Changing it in AO options helps a little but the bugs are still visible, even in your video.

We are investigating the issue on our side, it seems there is a bug somewhere in the bakers.

I hope it is going to be a quick fix.

Thank you guys for helping :)

It doesn't change anything. You can check it in the project i attached.

When the fix can be expected ?

Hi, yesterday i ran into problem with baking AO from lowpoly with normalmap on steam version of SP.
I specially made test case and it happens 100% despite of what mesh and settings are used.
It seems like the horizontally flipped alpha(empty uv spaces) is removing ambient occlusion from texture which is utterly weird. The problem doesn't exist while baking without normalmap.
I am attaching images with problem (AO is strenghtened so it is more visible). Also i circled the broken parts and corresponding empty uv's parts. I am attaching link to a sample scene.

Note that it is a simple mesh without any uvs issues like overlaps out of 0...1 space or flipped faces.
I hope for a quick fix because it kind of stops my work.

Well I decided to push my wallet a bit and got myself GTX1070. It performs wonderful :).
Thanks for the info guys!

Yeah, i forgot to mention that i am really concerned about texturig speed and not running out of memory. I don't need iray funcionality.

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