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Hey Nev!

Thanks for all these details!

We used to run sbsrender with multi-process pool in the pretty same context than you except Quadro card!
We will make some test with Quadro cards and open the discussion with engine team in order to resolve the issue.

I keep you informed.


Yes, you guessed right.
 It's a problem that we have in mind and it's planned to work on it to improve that.
At the moment, the best that you can do is to improve your code with parallelization maybe the best is a python multiprocessing pool.

Substance Automation ToolkitSubstance Automation Toolkit - Discussions - Re: Get Node
 on: April 23, 2019, 12:50:36 pm 
Yes, be sure it is the UID of the node, common error is to use the UID of the instance. UID node is not displayed in SD gui.

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