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Unfortunately Apple handles the drivers. I'm not gong to cause a stink about it so I'll just try and work around it until either it gets addressed in a later update or another option for me arises.

Thanks anyway.

Generally Toolbag 2, Photoshop, Maya, Mail, Safari, ZBrush, etc.

I ran the Wacom diagnostics while working and it appears when this happens my tablet driver locks up.

It's always done this off and on as I've used Painter over the last year or so and never when I'm not.

Just happened again before I wrote this. At least now I know if I wait it out for 9 minutes, I'll get control back. It seems to only happen when I'm navigating the viewport, holding down alt, rather than when I'm painting.

Here are are my specs:

Late 2013 Mac Pro
OSX 10.11.3
2.7 GHz 12 Core CPU
64GB's  1866 MHz DDR3 ECC Ram
Dual AMD FirePro D700 6144 MB Ram

Wacom Cintiq 24HD Touch

Substance Painter 1.7.2

If you need anything else, let me know.

Noticing it seems to handicap the system by sticking the alt, cmd or control key. But the weird thing is it does it for a fixed amount of time. It releases the handicap around 9 minutes and then I'm free to continue working.

layers, textures list, properties etc.


Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - Frustrating Issue
 on: January 19, 2016, 01:57:29 am 
Been off and on with using Painter because honestly there is usually some problem that prevents me from using it as a daily tool and I go back to MARI. I'm finding an issue now that I'm not sure if it's a bug or with the way the interface is set up but for some reason, as I navigate the viewport while working, at some point Painter kills my tablet interaction. The left click button of my mouse is also dead. I can move the mouse around and the system is running normal, but I cannot click anything and have limited interaction with the machine. Even after I kill all open applications the issue still exists.

It hasn't happened to me since the last time I used Painter which was months ago. I just started using it today and its happened four or so times. The only way around is to reboot.

Curious if this is something thats been reported before.

Outside of that many of the annoying bugs I've experienced in previous versions seem taken care of. ;)

OSX 10.11.2
Mac Pro
Dual AMD D700
64GB Ram
Painter 1.7.2

Trying to organize my workspace a bit and I noticed I cannot resize my undocked palette windows on my Mac. Am I missing something?

Thanks for the response. Any idea where to find that inTB? The only option I'm finding is to simply enable AO.

Just polishing up my workflow between the two but have run into one issue that I hope someone can help me with. How to cast shadows in Toolbag inside of objects. Right now, the light just shines through the geometry. Any ideas?

Thanks a lot

I watched that same video and it was what finally convinced me to upgrade to the Pro to run Mari fluidly. I was on an iMac before and it had reached its performance peak with Mari so I needed to make the change in order to take advantage of Mari's potential. Unfortunately I was very disappointed in Mari's performance on this maxed out Mac Pro after shelling out thousands for it. This seems to be a common Mac problem The Foundry has.

I contacted the Pixar artist who gave the demo at the 2013 WWDC in the video as well as a couple of industry professionals for some advice on increasing Mari's performance but nobody really had any answers. Mari's poor performance is what brought me here to try out Painter. Painter runs much more smoothly but it even has some performance issues I wouldn't expect on this machine.

So the lesson is, before you invest in high end hardware, do your research and make sure that the software will fully support it. Right now, I don't think the professional software I use supports the dual D700's or 12 core CPU well. Which is a complete waste of so much power.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - Re: 2D Painting
 on: June 26, 2015, 12:07:05 am 
Sweet sassafras!

That just made my day. Now if I can find a way to set that as default then I'd be golden. ;)

Thanks for the tip. Need to watch more of the DT tutorial that no doubt told me that tip but I missed it.  :o

It seems that when painting in 2D mode it doesn't appear to be true 2d painting. At least not from what I understand of 2D/3D painting.

If I paint along the edge of one UV in 2d mode, paint will also affect an adjacent UV that may be on the other side of the texture map. I wouldn't expect that to happen. I know I can use the geometry decal tool and create a layer with masking blah blah, but after a while this begins to bloat my project. I haven't hit the point yet but I assume that performance will take a hit with all of the additional masking?

Unfortunately this makes it very difficult to paint without stretching along edges. Is there a way, besides the geometry decal tool, in SP to avoid this?

I've also noticed that when painting in 2D there can be color stretching around edges similar to when painting in 3d mode with no edge masking(Another feature I hope comes to SP  :) ).

I'm working on the same project file now and haven't experienced the issue again. As suggested I'll back up the file.

I have activity monitor open and am keeping an eye on the ram usage as I work. ;)

I'll let you know if it happens again.

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