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Same problem. I tried your delete layer/undo trick but no luck.

Thats too bad, its been working very reliably for me. You're on a Mac Pro?

ester, I was having the same issue on my Mac Pro and found a workaround that seems to work well for me. If it continues to be an issue for you, you can give this a try.

Simply delete the layer with the artifacts and then undo the deletion. It returns the layer without the artifacts.

Let me know if it works for you.

I believe I have found a work around for this artifact issue. What I do is simply delete the layer and then perform an undo. This brings back the layer without the artifacts.

I've done it a few times over the last couple of days and it seems to work every time but again, its only been a few times.

This is such an annoying issue that I want to help if others deal with the same graphics bug so I'll post back any updates for anybody who finds this thread via search.

According to the tech specs, SP only supports the AMD Firepro S-series and W-series. The 6,1 Macs shipped with Firepro D-series graphics cards (D300 or D600). Could that be the problem?

It's the D700 card.

Thats why I asked earlier about Allegorithmic supporting the Mac Pro. I remember the tech specs a year ago specifically said they do not support it but now that disclaimer is gone and there is support for the Fire pro cards. So I'm hopeful.

Well dangit!
That looks to be it.

Well. time for a new graphics card then :)

I need more video memory right? Video memory = VRAM ?


It appears that your video card is only 1GB in vram? Not sure what the minimum is for painter but that might be too low. I'd check the app requirements to make sure.

Painter doesn't support dual GPUs, if you have 2 that may also be the issue, try deactivating the second GPU.

I’m not sure it’s possible. Do you know how?

..while it should detect 6 GB.

Also, does that mean Painter doesn't utilize the dual D700's if you say its only supposed to detect the 6 gb vram?

Would it have anything to do with Painter and High Sierra?

I'm not having vram issues elsewhere.

Done ;)

I was under the impression that Allegorithmic was finally supporting Painter on the Mac Pro's. Is this not the case?

Its been over a year since Ive used Painter and Im finding the same black artifacts I had back then. Is there a fix for this yet?

He's using mari because Painter can't handle the image size of the images he's using from texturexyz. They are around 12K and up. The ability to use extremely high resolution images to create high resolution texture maps is what makes Mari great. It can handle huge amounts of data which is why its popular among film studios who need that level of detail.

Agreed. I'm always surprised that any application, especially an art program, doesn't allow total customization with the layout. As artists we can be pretty picky with our workspace. ;)

never mind. i found a tutorial on it. thanks a lot

i want to keep this as simple as possible as i need to simply import a model and add a metal material then export textures with baked lighting. but the filter wants ao and other maps and configuration. it seems more complicated than i need. is there a walkthrough somewhere?

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