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Would swapping around your cards pcie connections make a difference?

Agreed, I'm surprised this isn't supported in Painter.

I don't have the application in front of me but I think if you click the button at the top right of the texture set palette you can drag and drop your texture sets around as well as delete them from there. You should be able to drag and drop the texture set you want to your model.

28 to 34gb (it varies that much)

Good lord that is ridiculous. I thought my file sizes were large.

Upgrade that RAM while you're at it ;)

Its not just Painter that doesn't support touch, its many other applications as well. I purchased the Cintiq and paid extra for the touch capabilities but quickly discovered the lack of support for it. Some developers take advantage of it to some degree but just not enough to justify the added cost. So I simply disabled it and haven't turned it on in a couple of years. :(

I have a Intel HD5500 graphics card and still have the same issue.

Per Allegorithmic's Painter product page:

"Integrated GPUs are not recommended"

I would expect integrated GPU's that are in excess of three years of age are especially not supported.

In general, integrated GPU's are low end graphic solutions that just aren't good for doing this type of work.

I'm sure the guy who upgraded my PC did that already.

Does that mean you don't know how?

I have a very powerful NVidia drive and it's brand new. Installed just yesterday.

I'm not sure what that means but if you haven't done so already, make sure you visit the Nvidia(or AMD) site and download the appropriate driver for your system:

Have you double checked your Wacom driver? I'm having the same issue on my Cintiq but haven't checked the Wacom driver yet.

Also, make sure you have the latest Nvidia driver.

Thats an integrated GPU? If so, doesn't look like it. Well at least Allegorithmic doesn't support it.

I'm sure there is a way to customize the navigation. I thought I saw a thread about it a couple of days ago here. I have the same issue but haven't used Painter enough to spend the time fiddling with the nav.

Normals flipped?

Just experienced the same thing last night and restarting fixed it.

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