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I have a standard sata ssd which reads and writes at 500mbps on my system which has a ryzen 1700x and 32gb of ram but since my substance painter projects are huge like 6 to 10gb they take up alot of time to save and open. Would switching to an M.2 nvme which writes at about 2000mbps improve my saving and project loading times? And is substance painted capable of saving files and writing them to the drive simultaneously at speeds above 1000mbps? for example when i hit save, i should be able to save a file which is 8gb under 10 secs, also do i need to upgrade any other hardware component to make this possible?

I have a standard sata ssd which reads and writes at 500mbps on my rig which is a ryzen 1700x and 32gigs of ram but since my substance painter projects are huge like 8 to 12gb they take up alot of time to save and open. Would switching to an nvme ssd which writes at about 3000mbps improve my saving and project loading times?

finally thats what i had to do. And now its working just fine

   I wanted to know if there is a way to create to different specular layers in side painter and view them on the viewport. By two different layers i mean an object with to specular properties for example a metallic paint which has a base layer with a rough specular and a top coated layer with a smooth reflective specular. I want to know if there is a way to create these two different speculars and work on them simultaneously like with do with other channels such like roughness, base color etc. The best examples would be arnold, redshift shaders which provide two layers of speculars named specular and coat that can be controlled separately.

yes i did try it.. doesnt help so now i just have wait for it to open up randomly and when it does I dont shut down my system and hibernate it instead.  :-\ but theres one more thing to note. Like i said it at times launches automatically and its very rare but if i crashes and i launch it immediately the next moment it opens up without any issues and also asks if i want to submit the crash issue but on the other hand if it crashes and i try launching it even after 10 mins or so then it wont work and ill have to wait another 1-3 weeks before i can get it to run automatically again

its been a few weeks now and without any efforts substance painter occasionally starts up all fine and some times it doesn't. Im not able to find any pattern to see what might be causing this. But when it does run i avoid shutting down the system and hibernate it instead. Im still not able to find any valid solution to this issue

I am using windows 10. No I did not install any new softwares. And yes I did install windows updates but substance painter was running fine even 2 days after i did so but then it stopped working all of a sudden. I am using sp 2019.1.3.3176 but i tried rolling back to painter 2018 but even that doesn't launch. substance designer is working fine though

yes i tried to search for an answer on the available forms and also searched google for a while and found some steps which i could try but they did not help. I know support relies on log files but my log.txt file is completely empty probably cause i did a clean install of sp and i cant generate one since i cant even get to the tile screen of substance painter. I have also seen this issue before on my friends computer but since he need substance painter urgently he reinstalled windows to get it running but in my case i cant afford to do so. Should this be moved to technical issues?

i was using substance painter 2019 comfortably till one fine Saturday afternoon, it suddenly stopped working. I launch painter and i see the launching window and it shuts down before reaching the main screen. I checked the task manager to see if the exe was running and its not. I have my windows updated to the latest version along with the latest nvidia drivers and vc++dist . I did not see a pattern before this for example it stopped working after i installed a new application or any update. Any hu.. I tried uninstalling the latest few windows updates and also tried rolling back my nvidia drivers but it did not help. Substance designer how ever is working fine, all hail substance designer! The issue is only with substance painter. I tried checking the log file but its emptier than wallet on Sunday morning. I also tried going back to substance painter 2018 but even that wont open. Please help. My config is ryzen 1700x, gtx 1080, 16gigs of ram.

I am a part of a studio, currently running linux centos 6.4 and we are working on substance painter and designer 2018.1. Substance painter works fine for the most part but our systems keep freezing or rebooting randomly while we are switch texture sets or while exporting maps, at times its a random reboot. In case of substance designer, we are facing multiple stability issues like frequent system black outs and reboots and software crashes while doing simple tasks like changing height values or disconnecting nodes even when the files isnt heavy and using 1k resolution etc making it almost impossible to work with. I have checked the website and it shows cento 6.6 in the minimum requirements but i wanted your consultation on these issues about how we might go about solving them without updating our OS if at all possible. Our system configs is: Xeon E5620, 32GB ram, GTX 1070 8GB running on driver version 390. please help.

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