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If there is a complete file, simply pull in the file and delete all layers for each texture set, so you're starting with a blank slate. You can even export the mesh as OBJ and pull it in to a new project.

I purchased a perpetual license for SP but then, like you, wanted access to some materials. I had also assumed a license would come with 'X' amount of resources or so many months free access. In the end, I started paying subs as well, but I'm glad I did now as I got access to SD which had made it worthwhile and with Alchemist coming up, I think it's worth paying. Even if I end up stopping subs, I'll still have my permanent copy of SP to fall back on.

Good stuff, be prepared to forget it next time though, I did. ;-)

Simply put, the ID mask is no good because the UVs overlap, for the ID to work, the UV needs to be in it's own space.

Have you set the shader to PBR with alpha blending? That's what I usually forget to do. I set the opacity channel, but forget to change my shader for the object / shader set.

You would at least need a hieght and normal for any edge data to work, just a colour texture isn't enough. If you put it through something like B2M or ShaderMap, Awesomebump to extract maps. If you're using an SP texture, don't forget to bake your maps for the plane, I've tripped up once or twice pulling in geometry hten forgetting to bake maps before assigning textures. You can uncheck the normal though as the process of painting will build the normal+height map.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - Re: Blurry material?
 on: November 16, 2018, 01:08:20 pm 
Looking at the screen, thescale of the map seems to be -7, that may have something to do with it.

wood fibers 1 and 2 are legacy, they are included in SD but not visible in the shelf, only loading if a legacy node is required by older sbs files. The texture you tend to use instead is the directional noise 1 & 2, hope this helps.

Hi, thanks for the feedback! We made some modifications on the files to optimize them, it should be better now.
The materials are still quite heavy, however performances should be better. Can you please give it a try to see how it goes?

Hi Gaetan,
I can confirm they are loading much quicker now, still a lag at 4096 but what I'd call, "normal" for my system at 4K and no crashes or freezes. :-)   Unlike Enaver, I don't have any issues on load, though to be fair, I deliberately set my map size to 256 before loading then upped it one "notch" at a time.

Enaver - could you try that? Before importing, try using a sample scene, set the texture set to 256, then import and apply. I found the paint chipped to actually load and display it's thumbnail far quicker than the hull chipped.

I can confirm trying to import those materials caues an issue, just downloaded them and SP stopped responding.
I have SD, so I've also downloaded the SBS file and loaded that up. Both use a default map size of 4096, which I think is actually maxing out the memory, thus bringing SP to it's knees.
I had a similar issue with SBS files and had to turn off auto-compute of nodes and viewport refresh to load them. I reset the size to 1024 and exported the materials. Even then, the thumbnails in SP to a long time to display. Clearly they are very heavy computationally so if you're hitting memory limits, it's going to virtual memory which is making it so unresponsive sa to result in crashes. Once the thumbnail had displayed in SP, even trying to use the material causes it to hang. Theoretically, they do work, but to be honest, they are so resource heavy as to be unusable. As I've been typing all of this, the progress bar in SP is still only half way on my system having applied the material to a cube. (i4570 3.2Ghz with 16GB ram and GTX1050ti 4GB GPU).
... 3 minutes later and the model finally showed the material. Even at 512, they do display after a few seconds, but try to change the map size to 1024 or above and they become unusable.

Can you provide a link to the materials, see if I have them. I've downloaded quite a few from the store with no issues.
Could be a memory thing  / GPU issue.

Check out some of the "aged planks" style videos, they show how to isolate warping for this very thing.

Did you rebake the maps in SP? If the UV layout has not changed, then I don't see how changing the scale would have any impact.  However, if you've added gemeotry or modified it there's a good chance the UV's may seem to be the same, but actually are not.
I had that situation where I had made changes and "broken" my initial UV maps without realising it. IMHO the scale alone would have zero impact on the painting as it is purely driven by the UV map layout.

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Discussions - Re: Find Variable usage
 on: October 26, 2018, 08:59:50 pm 
sweet, cheers for that! :-)

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