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I tried that in my shortcut Target box:

"C:\Program Files\Allegorithmic\Substance Painter\Substance Painter.exe" --disable-version-checking

It didn't appear to make a difference, unless I'm doing it incorrectly.

I've used Substance in my spare time in tandem with Blender for game modding over the past year or so. I have enjoyed using it, though the learning curve has been steep.
I reached a point in late July where my handle on the mechanics was stable when my 'Maintenance' ran out.

I now see this awful 'Maintenance Expired' message pop-up and Title bar whenever I open the software.

I feel that those of us who have chosen Perpetual licences for whatever reason are being purposely taunted with this 'Maintenance Expired'.

It is infuriatingly off-putting opening the software now. The moment I see the message it galls me so much I sometimes just have to shut it down and walk away from my machine.

I used to recommend SP to any who showed interest. Sadly that's not the case now.

- A currently unhappy customer.  :-\

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