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you are wrong and right,
I came from uservoice an i see ideas beeing started and completed with few Votes.
please add tools, like spline(path) tool, text tool, gradient tool, warp tool, transform tool, better paint tools on version 2.
Substance painter needs tools to be more independent, if we dont have tools we always need use external tools like 3d coat, or photoshop, mary, bodypaint from c4d etc, blender.
I dont want to use 2 or 3 painting softwares on the same time, this slows workflow.
I saw in other forum on internet, people bought substance painter but dont use, because SP dont have basic tools.

I just want to know if you will add more tools in the period of version 2 substance painter?

This is what i think about your markting strategy
the same users base will buy your software again, because SP lacks of basic (core) tools not because of new exiting revolucionary tools.
SP dont have the basic tools that the major standard painting softwares have.
substance painter is on version 2, not 0.5, so please add more basic (core) tools on substance painter shortly.

thanks for your time.

look at the wrap tool from Photoshop

3d coat
look at transform copy tool from 3dcoat

please can you teel me if you will add more tools in the period of version 2?

Hi, i got substance painter since version 1, do you plan to add more tools during version 2?
From what i know before, you didnt add any new tool in version 1 since the first release,
you just add 2 tools in version 2.

Can you add the wrap tool soon, or i need to wait for version 3, 4,5 go get more new tools?
I know that the money is more important, but please

look at 3d coat.

if you reply me, thanks i really apreciate your time ;D

Blender have a simple way to do that.
Find the edge split in modifiers and is done, you can adjust the angle of normals.
If you want to sharp specific edges, use the sharp edges with the shortcut "Control E" and is done. 8)

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