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Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: Resolution problem
 on: December 15, 2018, 12:13:57 am 
I can send the 3ds max file with the hp and lp along with the uv maps, reply if you need more stuff, I really appreciate the help! Here you go:

I don't use 3D Studio Max so I cannot load the file.

Can you post a picture of your UV layout with the texture applied? What res. is it? A lot of lack of detail is because parts of the  UVs don't have enough density within the 0-1 space, and your texture res. isn't high enough.

If you need steller detail, then UDIMs are the way to go. Otherwise I will tile materials, or use Vertex Painting with tile-able materials, then make UVs for the high detail stuff as needed. There are different work flows, but having that many objects on 2 UVs will most likely kill off your detail.

The reason why you most likely will see such pixelation is because the hole area itself takes up such a small part of the 0-1 UV space, and you would need much higher texture resolution to reduce pixelation.

There are workarounds depending how you set things up, but I would either find out what can be tiled on this model texture wise and split those UVs on their own for tiling (size doesn't matter if tiled), then make a second UV for anything that needs such detail.

Someone else might have another solution, but your detail is always going to be limited to your texture size in relation to the actual density the UV parts take up, and your holes take up a very small part which would make it impossible to achieve good detail.


Would you mind including the model file (FBX or OBJ) and I'll check the file and see what your solution should be.

It's faster for me to answer you if I can see the file.

Size doesn't matter, I have a 300 Mbps connection.

Can you provide the Painter file?

Can you show your UV maps? Is this area broken up or on the same island?

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: Resolution problem
 on: December 14, 2018, 02:26:35 am 
You'll need to provide the object, and the texture file to get valuable feedback.

Textures can look bad for a number of reasons.

- Not enough res.
- Not enough space taken in your uv map
- Poor lighting
- Poor texture work and maps
- Shader used

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: Emissive question
 on: December 12, 2018, 11:14:01 pm 
oww thanks for a info, tho a bit sad it wasn't implemented yet

guess time to learn how custom shaders works hehe..

cheers for info anyway :)

This would be 100% at engine level outside of Substance Painter. You'll want to talk to the programmer working on your project about this.

Do whatever works.

Why don't you put the image in Photoshop or GIMP, then make it square and re-import it?

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: Outstretched textures
 on: December 12, 2018, 08:00:26 am 
So to make it clear,To have higher texture quality,you just have to divide faces to more materials to make it in uv maps bigger ?

Adding more divisions doesn't improve texture quality. What improves your quality is how much space your UVs are taking up within the 0-1 space and how big your texture resolution is.

You can test this yourself. Make a plane with a single division, and another with a bunch. Then make sure both UVs take up the same amount of space and add a fill material and you'll see zero difference in quality.

For movie production you'll see UDIMs used because detail is very important.

I am having trouble with the TDR. I have followed the guides, set the delays for both 60 and 120, as per the guide. Tried setting the TDRLevel to 0. Checked spellings, updated drivers, and rebooted on all occasions, and still no joy. Frustratingly it works fine on my MacBook Pro 2015, but I want to take advantage of the extra power on my Windows 10 with GTX980 which shouldn't have any issues in comparison. I am running an MSi gaming laptop i7-6820HK 2.7ghz, 32gb RAM, Windows 10 Home. Can anyone help me through this? Thanks:)

If you're getting a BSOD, it could be due to NVIDIA Drivers. I had to rollback to the 3xx drivers on my 1050 Ti SC 4GB as the 4xx series would trigger BSOD due to the TDR regardless of settings.

These are my settings:

No issues thankfully. :)

Without seeing your high and low obj files I cannot give you a 100% answer.

Normally you'll get these issues if you don't have enough geometry. If your low poly isn't taking up the same space as your high, you will get issues. The same applies by using certain smoothing options on edges.

There are ways to fix it, but again without loading the models and seeing I cannot help further.

If you want the 'Model', then you just need to EXPORT the tool from zBrush. Then drag and drop or IMPORT through the menu in Substance Designer.

Load up Zbrush with your model, click EXPORT by the tool section, or zPluglin and FBX Export if you use that.

Thank you, for the work around, kind of inconvenient during production but I'll take it, lol

thanks again,

Sadly I made the first mistake by doing the update during work hours... Never again.  ;D

Best of luck!

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