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Those textures most likely have a sequence between 1001-1xxx at the end. This is due to the grouping now when you load in textures for UDIMs.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Baking - Re: Need help with Tutorial...
 on: February 25, 2021, 03:30:15 am 
I would suggest keeping things as simple as possible when you're learning. If there are any terms that confused you in the prior replies it is a good idea to and research them to understand what is being said.

Your issue has to do with your UVs. When you export from MD you still should double check your UVs and make sure they're correct. Every texture has the UVs outside of the 0-1 space aside from one which is half way in.

I would also look into UDIMs.

Nothing has changed to my knowledge, and the post is the exact same answer I gave above, plus that has been posted all over the forums.

You can also do AA on the mask by bringing in the FXAA from Designer to Painter (just a quick example):

You're not going to get super smooth results unless your UV shells are straight (edges).

I've written up lots of answers about this. Also when dealing with the ID maps sometimes you need to mix in blur / sharpen / and levels. You can do the same for the fills too.

I also explained the issue here as well:,34908.msg131299/highlight,jagged+edges.html#msg131299

Check your UV channels and make sure the correct UV map is in your 1st slot.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: toggle mask shortcut
 on: February 24, 2021, 05:37:40 am 
If you're referring to the geometry visibility it would be ALT H.

SubstanceSubstance - Purchases & Licenses - Re: No Credits
 on: February 22, 2021, 07:40:55 am 
Make sure you're logging in with your Substance Account and not your Adobe account.

I checked your dumpfile quickly and noticed DiscordHook64 is referenced. Can you try disabling your Discord overlay and see if that works?

- As per Discord this solution fixed the problem.

How did you disable your integrated GPU? Through the device manager?

I would make sure your primary display is connected directly to your GPU.

You should change your TDR value as per the guide in the dialog box. Click the 'step-by-step guide'. Do not ignore it. Also your TDR values can reset after Windows Updates, and even driver updates.

If you're using Maya and rendering say in VRAY you can of course use a normal map then use a height map for some displacement, or to push things a bit more. This actually common for film to use both. For game assets I normally use normal maps only, but render pieces can be whatever you need.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: Workflow with Photoshop
 on: February 18, 2021, 02:18:18 pm 
Considering you cannot export layers to Photoshop and bring them back in as layers you're forced to save out a bitmap from Photoshop and slot it into a Fill Layer in Painter.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: Remake a texture
 on: February 14, 2021, 06:23:40 pm 
You would need to re-make it from scratch because you cannot scale up something from 500x500 to 4096x4096 when it is a raster image without major loss in quality.

The mesh you provided above is only a single piece so I'm not sure how I'm supposed to help you with the issue as per your screenshot.

This is what I get baking as is with your provided mesh:

I would highly recommend actually setting texel density based on a value that makes sense for your output. So many beginners just unwrap using some auto tool and never even look at their UVs, or they just pack them into their 0-1 space and never check their density to make sure it is enough. Also keep in mind auto packing can down scale your uvs making the density setting you set prior void.

Here is an article about it and a video:

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